The Difference Between “Playing House” and “Being Dad”

In April of 2014, my wife got her dream job of being a nurse in the emergency room department at a level 5 trauma center in Salt Lake City. We were pretty excited that she would get to be at a top notch and challenging place for work. I did not think it at the time, but getting that job was not just good for her, it was the best thing for my not-even-yet-conceived-baby-boy and me.

Owlet co-founder Jordan Monroe

About a year or so later the cutest, squeakiest little boy James was born. I was amazed how my wife and him instantly had a powerful bond. To be honest, I really felt left out. It’s like my wife was meeting a long lost friend with my son and I was making awkward conversation at a cocktail party. I was hoping for the deep emotional bond that I had heard about. I didn’t get it. I felt like I still had to get to know him. As the weeks went on my heart was slowly melted down from its original form and put back together to function and feel in ways that I had not felt before. I learned to feel love so strongly for my son that I would tear up often just thinking about him. At one point I jokingly said to my wife, “Wow! I love this little guy soon much! In fact, if what I am feeling for him is ‘love’ then I am not so sure what me and you have, Babe.” As is per the usual, I giggled to myself and my wife held back any sign of laughter as to not endorse my lame jokes.

When my son turned 10-weeks-old, my wife prepared to go to do her first 12-hour night shift since James was born. It was a pretty emotional day, so emotional, it got its own Facebook post. 😉

Facebook post

I was not worried to watch my son. After all, I had been there every day of his life helping my wife.

Boy was I wrong.

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We’re Expecting | Jordan, Owlet Co-Founder

Pregnancy announcement from Owlet co-founder Jordan Monroe

With my wife being a labor and delivery nurse and me at Owlet, I don’t know how we could talk more about babies in our lives. That is until we found out we were expecting with baby #2. Now we are in full baby mode! With our first baby, our son James, my wife surprised me on Valentine’s Day. I can still remember the deep realization that I was going to be a father, and how I teared up with excitement and awe that my wife and I would be creating and raising a little life together.  It was such a special moment that I will always remember.

This time, however, my wife wasn’t able to pull off the surprise announcement. We were trying to get pregnant with no success. She had stopped using the pregnancy test strips because it made her to sad to keep getting a negative result. Then one morning I hear a gasp from the bathroom. I thought she saw a spider or something. (My wife could train street fighters she is so tough but something about spiders turns her into a wet noodle.) However, it was better than a spider. We were pregnant! She was, however, super bummed that she spoiled the surprise.

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January Update

Amazing supporters,

This update is going to be a little bit quick because we have more info coming in a few weeks, but here are the details of what has been going on at Owlet:

1) We finished our 100 unit beta test. Over 40,000 hours of testing!

2) We passed FCC and UL certification testing!

3) We went to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The world is just as excited as you are to see Owlet change the world.

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December Update

Product testing updates

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and we here at Owlet are still so thankful for your support. Many of your children have been born and grown too old for Owlet as we have undergone our hardware redesign, but you still see how this product is going to change the world, and support this important movement. I have worked on a lot of projects and companies, but never before have I seen the same devotion that I see at Owlet. We all see how this product will fundamentally change people’s lives and that is inspiring. We are thankful to work on such a world changing product and we are, as always, thankful for your continued support.Ok, so here are the details of what has been going on at Owlet in November:1) We started and completed a 1-week 25 unit beta test of the product. We found quite a few bugs that made for a less than optimal experience for many users. The sock would disconnect from the base station pretty often. We have since fixed that bug.2) We made 100 units and sent them off 3 weeks ago for another beta test. This test should give us a really good idea of what final work adjustments to the product need to be done before we can ship.

3) We sent units to Intertek to get UL and FCC tested and approved. Almost all electronics require this testing. You have probably noticed big FCC and UL logos on your electronic devices. If we pass this test, then we will know there are no more hardware revisions on our product. Which is a very good thing! 🙂

4) We are giving you the opportunity to come up with the melody that the base station will play when the sock disconnects or runs out of battery. Yep, you are getting the opportunity to be immortalized by your musical abilities.

5) My wife and I gave birth to our first child, James. She would not let me name him Bear, so I was pretty sad. (Not even as a middle name!) See a fun timelapse I did of her pregnancy at the end of this post.

1004560_581801781919821_1121716108814245647_n (1)
Our first beta test of 25 units. Sure made us giddy to see this many units all lined up.

Ashleigh, holding a couple hundred socks and trying to smile. (This photo was taken at two in the morning, with four hours of work left before we could ship out our 100 beta units.)

It takes longer than you think to fill 100 boxes.

Verifying the Base Station and Sock Electronics before shipping them out to our beta test group.

Crowdsourcing the Non-Alert Melody:

Of the thousands of people who are reading this, I imagine that many of you have musical talents. We thought it would be fun to include you in creating the melody for the disconnection alerts. If you would like your name immortalized in Owlet history, then here is your chance. This melody will be played in the non-emergency event of a disconnection. This could mean that the sock was kicked off, your home wifi was turned off, or the sock ran out of battery. On our test units, the beta testers have had to listen to our rendition of the Mario Song, but we are ready to step up our audio game. The task is simply to come up with a lullaby sounding (non alarm/non stressful sounding) melody that will sound good on a piezo buzzer. To hear what a piezo buzzer sounds like, click here. Once you come up with your melody send it to in whatever file format you like.

A Little Family Fun:

I wanted to share this little video my wife and I made. It was a lot of fun to go out every Sunday and explore until we found a place to take a picture. I have been a dad for just a few weeks now and as many of you know, it is the most rewarding experience we are blessed with in this life. Where ever you are on your journey of building a family, I hope this video inspires or reminds you to find joy in that journey every step of the way.

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