Pregnancy Reveal Ideas – Summer Style!

The explosion of colors at sunset, the lush green meadows of grass, the soft sandy beaches, and the bright flower beds all make for beautiful photo opportunities during the summer. And if you’ve been waiting to reveal your pregnancy, why not take advantage of these unique summer backdrops to reveal your pregnancy – summer style! Here are some summer-inspired pregnancy reveal ideas.

Feet with baby sandals

A popular pregnancy reveal method is setting out a pair of baby shoes next to mom and dad’s shoes. Use this idea with a summer twist by buying baby flip-flops and setting them in the sand. You could also do this with baby swim flippers, or a baby swimsuit.

Don’t eat watermelon seeds

The old joke about eating watermelon seeds makes for a witty and cute pregnancy reveal, especially during the summer when bright red, juicy watermelon is abundant. Slice yourself a nice, ripe wedge of watermelon, take a big bite, and have someone snap a picture. Then add some simple text, like “Uh-oh, I must have eaten a watermelon seed. Baby watermelon coming November 2017!”

Expecting a little firecracker

There are a lot of cool pictures you can take of fireworks, so use the firework-happy holidays to announce your pregnancy. Hold a sparkler out in front and take a photo, with the caption something like, “expecting a little firecracker this September!” This could also be fun if you have other children. Have each of them hold a sparkler, then add the caption,” adding another little firecracker to the family this September!”

Name in the sand

If the beach calls your name each summer, use it as an opportunity to take a special pregnancy reveal photo in the sand. Write your baby’s name in due date, or even just something like, “Baby [last name] coming October 2017.” You can do a lot with this idea, like standing in the background with your partner kissing, with the focus on the words in the sand. Another cute idea is to extend this photo opportunity into an annual photo, taking a similar picture each year with your baby as he/she grows.

Outdoor balloon photoshoot

Bright, colorful balloons against a vivid blue sky with puffy white clouds is a very picturesque summer scene. Consider taking maternity photos incorporating bright balloons outside to announce your pregnancy. You can write on the balloons, or simply hold them while touching your belly. Adding other children, perhaps with each holding a balloon, and then a balloon tied to something floating next to the children to indicate another baby being added to the family, is an adorable idea.

Empty beach chair

Set up your beach chairs on the beach, and get a head start on your baby’s summer gear by buying a child-sized beach chair and setting it up next to yours. Take a photo with the caption, “Another [last name] beach bum coming October 2017,” or something to that effect.

Baby Bike

Family bike rides are a favorite family past time for many families during the summer, so get your baby involved while you’re still pregnancy starting with your pregnancy announcement. Buy a small tricycle, bike, or scooter and tie it to the back of yours. Strike a cute pose on your bike, and use this to announce your upcoming arrival.

Message in a bottle

Another fun beach idea is to place an ultrasound photo in a nice glass bottle with a cork, creating a “message in a bottle,” scene. Lay it in the sand with the ultrasound visible, and write your due-date in the sand in front of the bottle.


There’s nothing like the magic of Disneyland during summer vacation, so give baby a taste of the magic before his/her arrival by staging a disney-inspired pregnancy reveal. You can buy adult-sized mickey ears, and place baby-sized ears next to them. If you’re able, you could even take the photo at Disneyland or Disney World next to a Disney princess or prince, ask them to pose by pointing at your stomach or something to that effect, and add a caption that says something like, “Our own princess will arrive in September 2017.”

Did you announce your pregnancy during the summer? What other summer-inspired pregnancy reveals do you love?

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Yes, You Do Have Maternal Instincts


I am one of those moms that had to learn how to have a maternal instinct. I have three kids: a 5-year old, a 2.5-year old, and a 3-month old. Love came naturally to me. With each baby, I had an overwhelming sense of gratitude and love for them. But, particularly with my first, once they were home some things just did not come naturally. And now with my third where things HAVE come naturally, it makes me wish I could talk to my first-time mom self and reassure her about a lot of things.

With my first baby, I had a very difficult time nursing him. Before he was born, and especially after with all the nurses at the hospital, I kept being reminded just how important breast milk is. But, my son wouldn’t latch. He just wouldn’t. So, the lactation nurse who helped me recommended I get a pump. My husband went and bought a pump that day. And for 3 months on, I pumped. Every 2 hours. I was exhausted. But, the nurse who I thought was an expert, didn’t provide any further info about how to keep trying to get him to latch. It wasn’t until my sister gave me a nipple-shield to try and use that it actually worked. My baby latched! I was so thrilled. From that day forward, we worked on latching even more without the nipple shield. I ended up nursing him for 12 months.

So- when nurses tell you one thing, but you don’t whole-heartedly agree with what they suggest, try something else.

With that said, when we took our 5-day old baby into his Pediatrician for a check-up, he was crying the entire way there. When we got there, his doctor looked at me and said- how is the feeding going? I said, “Okay. He doesn’t latch, but I have been pumping and giving him what I have.” (My milk hadn’t yet come in at that point.) As the baby continued to cry, he looked at me and said, “Well, where’s your breast-milk to give to him now? He is hungry.” As I realized what he was saying, I said, “I don’t have anything.” He looked at me with big eyes and said, “Can I give him formula?” Without hesitation, as I knew my baby was hungry, I said, “Yes.” My baby boy drank that bottle so fast. And, at the same time, my guilt overwhelmed me so fast. I can’t believe I didn’t realize my baby was hungry!

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My fun, sustainable, toddler-friendly workout routine

Exercise hasn’t been the easiest this pregnancy and I haven’t been too consistent with it, but this week I finally adopted a more regular and sustainable routine. As a fitness professional I know and firmly believe in the benefits of exercise during pregnancy, but haven’t been practicing what I preach. After dealing with intense cravings and more pain, I realized I’d better step up my game and take charge of my health.

Here are the criteria that must be met in order for me to maintain a regular exercise regimen:

  • It must not require special equipment
  • It must be doable with a toddler running around
  • It must be possible regardless of weather or time of day
  • I must be able to do it from home

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Hilarious Pregnant Celebrity Cravings!

They may have an image to preserve when they’re in front of the camera, but behind the scenes these pregnant Hollywood moms let their cravings make the call!

Check out these 12 hilarious celebrity cravings!

1. Jessica Simpson doesn’t hold back one bit, revealing that she “had a buttered Pop Tart this morning.” She continued, “… I’m eating a lot of stuff that I ate in my childhood. Kraft Mac n’ Cheese, Pop Tarts, Cap’n Crunch. I give in to my cravings. I’m like ‘Yeah, I can do it. We’ll worry about the rest afterwards.”

jessica simpson
Credit: Paul Drinkwater/NBC

2. Beyoncé was rumored to be the weird-craving queen! One source claimed that she was obsessed with ketchup, and that she reportedly said, “‘I mean, I liked it before I was pregnant, but I now literally won’t eat anything without it. Breakfast, lunch or dinner – I need to have a bottle of ketchup close to hand.'”

She shut these rumors down in an interview with Katie Couric, adding that, “I was on a plane and the flight attendant came and was like, ’I have your hot sauce and pickles and bananas.’ I was like, ’That is absolutely disgusting, what are you doing?’ He’s like, ’I read it on the Internet.’ ”

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