Maternity Costumes for Expecting Mummies

Halloween is pretty much the best. Not only do you have access to all the candy you could ever want, but you can also dress up as (pretty much) anything you want. If you’re pregnant, it adds even more fun to the mix. Below are some great maternity costumes for expecting mummies. (See what I did there?)

The Classics

1. Bun in the oven
You can actually buy a bun in the oven costume here or here, though there is plenty of DIY potential to be had.

Bun In The Oven Costume

2. Skeleton/X-ray mom and baby
Maybe it’s morbid to say that this is super cute, maybe it’s totally appropriate? At any rate, you can find a tee shirt or full-length iron-on skeleton costume that highlights your baby-to-be.

Skeleton Mom & Baby Shirt

3. Prego
Because it’s punny, and totally on-the-nose. And also, you’re totally prego.
(Image via)

4. Juno (and Bleeker)
This is a fun costume that works well if you like to coordinate costumes with your partner. You can actually buy the set here, or use existing clothing in your wardrobe to make it even easier to pull together.

Juno and Bleeker Costume Set

A Little Outside of the Box

5. Escaping baby
Yes, you can actually buy a version of this costume here, but it would also be a fun DIY project. If you like to skew to the creepy side of Halloween, try adding a little fake blood to up the shock factor.

Escaping Baby Costume

6. Wrecking ball
If you don’t understand the reference, this is probably not the costume for you. But if you do, it still plays. Especially if it’s executed well. Also, there’s an actual tutorial on how to create this costume. You’re welcome.

Check out the video tutorial here.

7. Disco Ball
If you want a DIY costume with a whole lot of potential (and that could be super comfortable), this costume idea is for you. It has the potential to exude velvety, disco-y goodness. Bedazzling your belly could also be really enjoyable.
(Image via)

8. E.T. and Elliot
You’re going to definitely get bonus points for creativity if you rock this costume at your work party or other Halloween gatherings. It’s an award-winner for sure.
(Image via)

Have you seen or worn an amazing maternity costume? Let us know your faves in the comments below!

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Dressing Baby for Fall

Usher in the fall season with a shopping trip to update your baby’s wardrobe with warmer clothing. There are SO many adorable options to dress baby for fall to keep them warm. Here are a few of our favorite fall trends and where to find them:

Sherpa Jackets

Give me all the Sherpa. Seriously, the Sherpa trend is the greatest trend to hit the fashion world in a long time, it’s like walking around in the coziest bed ever! From blankets to lined jackets, I’ll take it all. Keep baby especially warm and comfortable in a Sherpa jacket, like this unbearably cute Sherpa jacket from Carter’s. Watch out though, the soft material might just put your baby to sleep (maybe that’s not such a bad thing?)

Carter’s Sherpa Jacket

Rain boots

Okay, are these baby rain boots from Petit Bateau not the actual cutest things you’ve ever seen? These are the smallest little rain boots – I don’t even have a baby small enough to wear these anymore and I want them.  If your baby is born on a rainy fall day, put them on to wear home from the hospital!

Petit Bateau Rain Boots


Framing that chubby little baby face in a hat is not only practical to keep baby’s head warm in the fall, but you’re basically doing a public service for onlookers to give them a glimpse of sheer adorable-ness that is sure to brighten up anybody’s day. I love hats with chin straps to really accentuate those chunky cheeks and chins like this pom-pom hat from Gap, but if baby doesn’t like the straps you’ll get the same reaction and keep baby’s head ultra-warm in this fleece beanie from The North Face.


 Gap Pom-Pom Hat      

North Face Fleece Beanie


I like that peacoats can be dressed up or down, designed extra-thick for really cold temperatures or thin for warmer fall days. Whatever weather situation in which you find yourself, there is a pea coat for your baby. I love this wool-blend peacoat from H&M. It would be cute on a boy or a girl, and the wool blend would offer the perfect amount of warmth with breathability.

H&M Wool-Blend Peacoat


Fall means it’s time to bust-out the long-sleeved onesies and bodysuits, and Kohl’s has some super cute fall-florals to keep baby warm and stylish. And check out this buffalo plaid bodysuit at Kohl’s for your lil’ lumberjack? TO. DIE. FOR.


Kohl’s Fall-Floral Bodysuit 



 Kohl’s Buffalo Plaid Bodysuit


Plaid continues to be a go-to pattern for the fall, and this plaid flannel shirt dress from Old Navy has me wanting to call and request it in my size, right? It’s warm, super cute, and paired with some pants or lined-leggings or even with a vest thrown over the top, your baby will be styling and warm in her on-trend plaid this fall.


Old Navy Plaid Flannel Shirt Dress


I can’t even with the baby suspenders, like this 3-piece suspenders set from Carter’s. Is there anything more ironically adorable than a baby in suspenders? They may laugh when they grow up to an age when suspenders are actually a practical fashion choice and see pictures of them wearing suspenders as a baby, but fashion doesn’t have to be practical, especially for babies (hello, animal ears on every hood/hat?)

Carter’s 3-Piece Suspenders


What are your go-to fall fashion choices for your baby?

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October is SIDS Awareness Month

SIDS Awareness Month was created by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) as a means to empower parents with information to help them reduce SIDS risk factors in their homes.

What is SIDS?

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is defined as the sudden, unexplained death of a baby younger than one year of age that doesn’t have a known cause after a thorough investigation. (Said investigation includes an autopsy, review of the death scene, and complete family and medical histories.) The good news? Rates of SIDS in the United States have decreased by 50% over the past 20 years. The not-so-good-news? SIDS still remains the leading case of death for infants aged one-month to one-year-old.

Ways to reduce risk.

While the exact cause of SIDS is unknown, we DO know many ways to reduce risk. In 1994, the NICHD came out with the Back to Sleep (now known as Safe to Sleep) campaign, which aims to provide information on how to create a safe sleep environment for babies, and suggests ways to reduce the risk of SIDS and other sleep-related causes of infant death. These suggestions include the following:

  • Placing your baby on his or her back to sleep for every sleep time
  • Using a firm sleep surface, like a mattress in a safety-approved crib, covered with a fitted sheet
  • Not letting your baby sleep on soft surfaces (like an adult bed, sofa, or couch)
  • Sharing a room with your baby, but not a bed
  • Making sure nothing covers your baby’s face or head
  • Keeping pillows, blankets, or crib bumpers out of your baby’s sleep area
  • Not smoking or letting others smoke around your baby
  • Dressing your baby in sleep clothing and not using a blanket
  • Breastfeeding your baby

At Owlet, we’re committed proponents of safe sleep, and hope that this information has been helpful and inspiring to your parenting journey.

Photo credit: The Grey Effect Foundation

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Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe this Fall

Experiencing new seasons with a baby is so much fun! Creating new traditions and making priceless memories is part of what makes parenthood so wonderful. As you usher in the fall season, follow these tips to keep your baby safe and healthy.

Appropriate clothing

According to the CDC, babies and the elderly are at a higher risk of developing serious or even life-threatening health conditions because of the cold. To help keep baby warm despite the fluctuating weather, check the weather before you leave the house to get a sense of how to dress. Sometimes fall mornings can be very cold, but the afternoons warm up significantly. Consider dressing baby in layers so that you’re prepared for the cold but also able to keep baby cool if the temperature changes.

Car seat safety

This is important any time of year, but especially as baby may start wearing coats when you go out. Review the proper car seat buckling guidelines, specifically about wearing coats. As a rule of thumb, you should take off baby’s coat before putting him/her in the car seat.

Keeping germs away

With many kids going back to school, the spreading of germs is more of a concern in the fall season. Babies seem to get hit harder with colds and the flu, so if your baby is old enough it’s important for baby and your whole family to get the flu shot.

Follow the proper hand-washing protocol and include baby in the pre-meal ritual. Hold baby in front of the sink and wash his/her hands before eating to instill the habit. Keep hand sanitizer handy when you’re out and about and don’t have access to a sink to wash your hands.

Use safe food-handling techniques

Along those lines, make sure that the food that is prepared for all of those amazing parties that come with the fall season is prepared safely. Halloween, Thanksgiving, sporting events, etc. all often revolve around food, so be extra cautious not to cross-contaminate food, to be careful as you handle raw meat, and to thoroughly wash produce.

Frosty mornings

Although snow isn’t as common in the fall (but still a possibility in some places), frost is a reality. Early mornings are often accompanied by a beautiful, sparkly layer of frost covering the ground. As enchanting as it is to look at, frost can be a slippery hazard to drivers or walkers. Be mindful of frost on the ground if you’re planning on going out. Give yourself extra time to commute so you can drive slowly if necessary.

Stay Active

Avoid the urge to stay bundled up inside all fall as the cold weather sets in by finding ways to stay active with your baby. Set the example of regular physical activity regardless of your external environment. Bundle up for a stroller or baby carrier walk, design an at-home workout you can do with your baby (Instagram is a great place for mommy-and-me workout inspiration), and don’t forget to give baby plenty of tummy-time so they can get their workout in!

What do you do to keep your baby safe and healthy in the fall?

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