Must-Read Books for the Dad-to-be

Like any other job or responsibility you have in life, it’s important to be educated, knowledgeable, and prepared to do your best in your role as a father, and reading books about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood is a necessary part of that job training. Although pregnancy is a shared experience between a mom and dad, it presents different needs and challenges for each. So here are 9 of the best books out there for dads-to-be.

The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips and Advice for Dads to Be (available on Amazon here)

  • This is the go-to for dads, the classic, or “bible,” if you will. Start here to get a good, general idea of almost everything related to pregnancy, delivery, and life with a newborn.


Taking Back Childhood (available on Amazon here)

  • A modern, up-to-date parenting book with advice on situations relevant to today’s world, like the bombardment of media in our lives, and encouraging creativity in children who attend regimented schools.


The Reluctant Father (available on Amazon here)

  • A brutally honest look at one father’s journey of bonding with his new baby. Because it doesn’t always happen immediately or naturally, and babies are very much strange creatures that require skills that we have yet to develop. And that’s okay.


Dad’s Expecting Too (available on Amazon here)

  • This book is awesome because it gives real stories from dads on almost every topic you could think of. With trivia, Q&A sections, and eye-catching sidebars you’ll find this an easy read filled with helpful information.


The Happiest Baby on the Block (available on Amazon here)

  • Everyone recommends this and for good reason. It gives you applicable advice and actual skills to practice that you’ll actually be able to use in stressful or tricky situations.


Your Pregnancy for the Father-to-Be (available on Amazon here)

  • This book was written with the unique needs and concerns of Fathers in mind. From explaining some of the terms and situations that occur during childbirth to offering tips on how to support your pregnant partner, this book is a great resource to have on hand for fathers-to-be.


The Birth Partner: A Complete Guide to Childbirth for Dads, Doulas, and All Other Labor Companions (available on Amazon here)

  • If you read this, you’ll be well-prepared during the labor for all of the stages, procedures, and probably most of the terminology you’ll hear, as well. Being empowered with knowledge during childbirth will help you better support and make decisions with your wife, so this book is a must.


Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy (available on Amazon here)

  • This is a straightforward and helpful book with tips and advice about various scenarios without scaring you or stressing you out.


Dad’s Playbook (available on Amazon here)

  • A sports-themed book may seem stereotypical, but the truth is a lot men (and women) enjoy sports and can relate to the analogies, so don’t bypass the wisdom found in this book. With quotes from some of the greatest coaches of all time, this book inspires fathers to be the best dads they can be.


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Pregnancy Reveal Ideas – Summer Style!

The explosion of colors at sunset, the lush green meadows of grass, the soft sandy beaches, and the bright flower beds all make for beautiful photo opportunities during the summer. And if you’ve been waiting to reveal your pregnancy, why not take advantage of these unique summer backdrops to reveal your pregnancy – summer style! Here are some summer-inspired pregnancy reveal ideas.

Feet with baby sandals

A popular pregnancy reveal method is setting out a pair of baby shoes next to mom and dad’s shoes. Use this idea with a summer twist by buying baby flip-flops and setting them in the sand. You could also do this with baby swim flippers, or a baby swimsuit.

Don’t eat watermelon seeds

The old joke about eating watermelon seeds makes for a witty and cute pregnancy reveal, especially during the summer when bright red, juicy watermelon is abundant. Slice yourself a nice, ripe wedge of watermelon, take a big bite, and have someone snap a picture. Then add some simple text, like “Uh-oh, I must have eaten a watermelon seed. Baby watermelon coming November 2017!”

Expecting a little firecracker

There are a lot of cool pictures you can take of fireworks, so use the firework-happy holidays to announce your pregnancy. Hold a sparkler out in front and take a photo, with the caption something like, “expecting a little firecracker this September!” This could also be fun if you have other children. Have each of them hold a sparkler, then add the caption,” adding another little firecracker to the family this September!”

Name in the sand

If the beach calls your name each summer, use it as an opportunity to take a special pregnancy reveal photo in the sand. Write your baby’s name in due date, or even just something like, “Baby [last name] coming October 2017.” You can do a lot with this idea, like standing in the background with your partner kissing, with the focus on the words in the sand. Another cute idea is to extend this photo opportunity into an annual photo, taking a similar picture each year with your baby as he/she grows.

Outdoor balloon photoshoot

Bright, colorful balloons against a vivid blue sky with puffy white clouds is a very picturesque summer scene. Consider taking maternity photos incorporating bright balloons outside to announce your pregnancy. You can write on the balloons, or simply hold them while touching your belly. Adding other children, perhaps with each holding a balloon, and then a balloon tied to something floating next to the children to indicate another baby being added to the family, is an adorable idea.

Empty beach chair

Set up your beach chairs on the beach, and get a head start on your baby’s summer gear by buying a child-sized beach chair and setting it up next to yours. Take a photo with the caption, “Another [last name] beach bum coming October 2017,” or something to that effect.

Baby Bike

Family bike rides are a favorite family past time for many families during the summer, so get your baby involved while you’re still pregnancy starting with your pregnancy announcement. Buy a small tricycle, bike, or scooter and tie it to the back of yours. Strike a cute pose on your bike, and use this to announce your upcoming arrival.

Message in a bottle

Another fun beach idea is to place an ultrasound photo in a nice glass bottle with a cork, creating a “message in a bottle,” scene. Lay it in the sand with the ultrasound visible, and write your due-date in the sand in front of the bottle.


There’s nothing like the magic of Disneyland during summer vacation, so give baby a taste of the magic before his/her arrival by staging a disney-inspired pregnancy reveal. You can buy adult-sized mickey ears, and place baby-sized ears next to them. If you’re able, you could even take the photo at Disneyland or Disney World next to a Disney princess or prince, ask them to pose by pointing at your stomach or something to that effect, and add a caption that says something like, “Our own princess will arrive in September 2017.”

Did you announce your pregnancy during the summer? What other summer-inspired pregnancy reveals do you love?

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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2017

Father’s Day is rapidly approaching, and sometimes it’s hard to know what gift is the best gift for your favorite dad. Have no fear… we’re here with our new and improved 2017 Father’s Day gift guide with ten great Father’s Day gift ideas.

Birchbox Man Subscription
This is a fun way to let your guy experiment with four grooming samples and one lifestyle product per month. The best part? You can cancel anytime.

Traeger Grill
A Traeger grill is a great present for the griller in your life. I like that there are various grills that fit various price points, so you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to buy one.

Desk Top/Night Stand Valet
This unique, yet practical gift can also be personalized. Win. Plus, shopping small always feels good. Win-win.

Nintendo Switch
While the Switch is not the easiest gift to find, there are a couple of shops that are offering it at the initial price. If you’re willing to hunt a little, you can find one for the new MSRP, which will save you some serious money.

Fisher Space Pen
This pen writes at any angle, even in zero gravity. Not only is it a nice looking and functional pen, it’s affordable as well. And if your guy is into office supplies and/or technology, this could be a winner.

Dollar Shave Club Membership
This membership is a great idea for any beardy guy who likes nice shaving products. Choose the razor, length of time between deliveries and even what gift-wrap you’d like.

Best. Dad. Ever. Shirt
This shirt could be fun gift to your guy from your kids. Plus, it’s super affordable.

Leatherman Super Tool 300
This tool is the tool of all tools. It includes pliers, wire cutters, knives, a ruler, bottle opener, can opener, and a whole lot more. A nice addition to any dad’s tool collection.

Dad’s Book of Awesome Science Experiments 
This fun book incorporates chemistry, biology and physics to create fun experiments with easy-to-follow instructions. It’s a great way to create some fun family time.

Because what dad wouldn’t want a little extra peace of mind?


We hope you’ve found some good options for Father’s Day. For even more Father’s Day gift ideas, you can check out the following:


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