Smart Sock Technology – A Closer Look

Wearable devices are used around the world to track health and wellness. While adults are accustomed to having daily insights into their activity, heart rate and sleep patterns, our children (specifically infants) do not experience the same benefits. Owlet believes if we give parents access to similar insights, it increases the likelihood of creating happy, healthy infants in the home.

In 2015, Owlet introduced the world’s first infant wearable device to track wellness. The Owlet Smart Sock is a wearable device that includes a smart sensor placed inside of a fabric sock that gently wraps around the baby’s foot. Together, they work to collect heart rate, oxygen and other biometric data for parents. Here’s a look into how the Owlet Smart Sock works.

Smart Sensor: The Smart Sensor combines the power of clinically-proven technology, pulse oximetry, with Bluetooth to measure and communicate key health and wellness data from the infant. A typical pulse oximeter is roughly the size of blu-ray player, contains several cords and wires, and costs thousands of dollars, making it difficult for daily, in-home use. However; through technological innovations, Owlet has reduced the size and cost of this technology and placed it into a device that flexes and shapes to the infant’s foot, which then wirelessly communicates this data a base station. The base station communicates this data to your smart device. The Smart Sensor also possesses key algorithms and dual temperature gauges to #1 accurately notify parents when something appears to wrong with heart rate or oxygen levels and to make sure the unit maintains a comfortable temperature while the device is in use.

Fabric Sock: The fabric sock was designed to secure the Smart Sensor in the proper location and to be comfortable enough for the infant to sleep through the night, without disruption. Made with hypoallergenic cotton, the fabric sock wraps gently, yet snugly, around your baby’s foot. The fabric sock has a universal fit, meaning it can be alternated from each foot, left or right, to give each foot a periodic rest from wearing the sock. We typically recommend alternating the sock every 2-3 days.

Each Smart Sock 2 unit comes with 3 fabric socks which are designed to grow with your baby. Depending on the size and weight of your infant, the fabric socks will work up until around 18 months. Additional fabric socks can be purchased here. We recommend hand washing the fabric sock with cold water and letting them air dry.

Using the Smart Sock properly is critical for accurate results and ideal comfort for the baby. Watch the video below to learn more about how to properly use the Owlet Smart Sock.


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World Breastfeeding Week: 10 Benefits of Breastfeeding

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, we’re sharing ten benefits of breastfeeding. Let’s dig in…

1. Increases protection from illness
The cells, hormones and antibodies found in breast milk help protect your baby from illness. Research from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests that breastfed babies have lower risks of the following:

  • Asthma
  • Leukemia (during childhood)
  • Obesity (during childhood)
  • Ear infections
  • Eczema
  • Diarrhea and vomiting
  • Lower respiratory infections
  • SIDS
  • Type 2 diabetes

2. Lowers the risk of chronic illnesses
Breastfeeding your baby also reduces the risk that she’ll develop chronic illnesses such as, type 1 diabetes, celiac disease and Crohn’s disease.

3. Breast milk is adaptable 
Another amazing thing about breast milk is that it changes as your baby grows. You start off with nutrient and antibody-rich colostrum, which then transitions into mature milk. And that mature milk will adjust to meet your baby’s changing needs.

4. It’s cost-effective
Two words: no formula. That, by itself, is a huge cost-saver. (In the ballpark of $1,600 to $5,800 per year!)

5. Breastfeeding burns calories… a lot of calories 
If you’re exclusively breastfeeding, you can expect to burn around 400 calories per day. Which is roughly equivalent to running four miles.

6. Aids with postpartum healing
Breastfeeding releases oxytocin, which helps your uterus return to its normal size more quickly than if you don’t breastfeed. (About six weeks versus ten weeks.)

7. Increases the effectiveness of vaccines
Research has shown that breastfed babies have a more effective antibody response to vaccines than formula-fed babies.

8. It can delay menstruation 
Exclusively breastfeeding your baby (sans bottles or formula) will delay ovulation and menstruation. Many breastfeeding mamas can go six months to a year before their periods return.

9. Provides health benefits for you, too 
Research shows that breastfeeding mothers have a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, certain types of breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

10. It’s friendly to Mama Earth
Formula cans and bottle supplies create excess trash. By breastfeeding, you are tapping into a renewable resource that doesn’t have a carbon footprint.

Want to read more about breastfeeding? Check out 5 Things I Wish I Would Have Known About Breastfeeding and 10 Must-Have Breastfeeding Accessories and Tools.

*At Owlet, we’re advocates of you making the best choices for your situation. So, while this post celebrates the benefits of breastfeeding, we acknowledge that fed is always best. Please make the best choice for you, and don’t feel guilty! Ultimately, you know what will work best for your family.* 


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Owlet’s App – Additional Features

Did you know the Owlet App allows you to do more than remote monitoring and Heart Rate and Oxygen level tracking? Here are some features of the Owlet app that you may not know about:

Check Battery Life

Wondering if you’ll need to charge the sock before nap time? You can check the battery life in the app. Just go to settings and at the bottom-left corner of the page and you will see a percentage charge left in the sock. Note: Make sure the sock is NOT plugged into the Base Station when you check for battery life. Otherwise the app will just say “Charging” to indicate the sock is charging.

Turn the Base Station On/Off

You’re already snuggled up under the covers and you forgot to turn the Base Station on? No worries! Just open the app up to the home page and in the left corner you will see a Base Station graphic. Just press that little Base Station button and it will turn the Base Station on or off.

Smartphone Notifications

Your Base Station is the primary notification system but just your smartphone is also designed to notify you if baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels fall out of range. You can see what these notifications will look like by going to Settings > Notifications

Adjust Base Station Blue & Yellow Notification Sensitivity

Not every notification is urgent when using your Owlet device. Blue and Yellow notifications simply notify you if there are issues in range or connectivity. If you’d like to adjust the sensitivity of these notifications, simply go to Settings > Notifications in the app.

Live Chat With an Owlet Expert

Want an Owlet expert to come knocking on your door if you run into a problem? While we might not show up at your door, you do have access to our customer service representatives right in the Owlet app! Just go to Settings > Help > Live Chat Help and we’ll have an expert waiting to help you Monday-Saturday 8am – 12 am (midnight) [MST].

Fun Facts

You learn something new every day, so why not learn about your growing little one and read up on some fun facts? You can find all kinds of facts you’d ever want to know about your baby in the app by going to Settings > About > Fun Facts.

Photo of Your Baby

Looking at your little one’s cute face during the day just isn’t enough. Take a cute photo and set a profile picture for your little one so you can take advantage of that cute face even when they’re in the nursery! Each time you check your baby’s vitals you’ll be able to see their sweet face. The app will prompt you from time to time, as your little one grows, to remind you to update the photo so you don’t miss a thing. Also, don’t forget to add their birthdate so we can send you and your little one birthday wishes and monthly updates as they grow!

Add a New Wi-Fi Network

Want to take your little one to Grandma’s and still check up on their live vitals remotely from your smartphone? No problem! You can add new Wi-Fi networks to your Owlet app to stay connected to your little one no matter where you take your baby. Click here for simple, step-by-step instructions.

Other App Questions?

Check out our app troubleshooting page on the website here. Use the search field, too, to type in a specific query and you’ll be surprised by the amazing articles available to help.

If you don’t already have an Owlet, join the family now and head over to our Order Now page. In the meantime, you can download the Owlet app on your smartphone and get familiar with the app!

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Summer Style Guide: 5 Ways to Dress Your Baby Bump

Summer is here, and it’s HOT outside. Being pregnant in the summertime is no easy feat. So we’re here with a summer style guide that will give you five ways to dress your bump. Because you deserve to feel cute, but a little less hot (if you catch my drift).

1. A long, flowing maxi dress
I know it might seem counterintuitive, but a long, flowing maxi dress can provide you with much-needed air flow and air circulation. Be aware of the fabrics that you’re choosing… a lighter chiffon-like fabric isn’t going to hold in heat like a tighter knit might. And be mindful of the silhouette as well. A dress that hugs the body is going to be warmer to wear. Slits are also your friend.

Floral Maxi Dress $56.00                             Striped Jersey Dress $29.99

2. The perfect swimming suit
Even though you might not feel like the most fabulous lady at the pool/beach/lake, finding a great maternity suit is another great way to beat the heat. Check out this post for some great options, as well as the two selections below.

Polka Dot Suit $39.98                                    Palm Print Tankini $64.00

3. Comfortable, yet fabulous, flats 
Chances are pretty great that you might be experiencing a bit of swelling, especially in the foot area. Another way to keep your footsies, and the rest of your body, cool is to find a great pair of flats… namely sandals and/or slides. They can also better accommodate your–ahem–growing feet and ankles.

Salt Water Sandals $41.95                        Twisted Bow Flats $85.00

4. A breathable top
Whether it’s a great tank top, or a diaphanous blouse, finding a great breathable top is a must. It helps keep your top half cool, and since that’s where your baby is, it’s probably a good idea, right? Trust us, it’s science. 😉

2-Pack Jersey Tank Tops $17.99                                 Linen-Blend Top $17.99

5. Breezy shorts in a longer length
While longer shorts might seem like an odd choice, they can really help with chafing. If chafing is an issue, that is. They can also add a bit more sun protection and are more durable for outdoor activities like hiking. Because it’s slightly cooler in the mountains, and we’re all about feeling a little cooler this summer.

Aqua Maternity Shorts $29.99                               Light Denim Shorts $49.99

This summer style guide, coupled with a great glass of (pasteurized) lemonade, will hopefully help you stay cool this summer while you wait for your baby.

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