What I Wish I Knew: Newborn Tips


I have 3 kids. I remember the first time I brought my first-born to his pediatrician check-up 2 days after we came home from the hospital. My husband and I hadn’t slept, hadn’t showered, and were exhausted. When we got to the appointment, we saw another mom and dad there with a newborn who look freshly showered, rested, and confident. I remember Continue Reading

You Know You Have a Newborn When…


+ You text your friend’s messages like: “Do you prefer Pamper's or Huggie’s?” + You went to the store and bought 5 different type of binky’s. + You carry the water bottle you got at the hospital everywhere you go. + You wear track pants every day. + You have dark circles under your eyes. + You need to take a pain-reliever when it is time to Continue Reading

How to Support a New Mom

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Wonder how you can help your significant other once baby is home? Read on for tips to make sure mom is taken care of, and how YOU can be a big part of that: 1. Make Sure She Sleeps It really is important for a new mom to get as much rest as possible. You always hear: sleep when your baby sleeps! But, it's true. Let your significant other take Continue Reading