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10 of the Best Baby Apps

April 13, 2022

Technology is a great thing, especially when you use it to help you navigate through the ins-and-outs of new parenthood. Here are ten of the best baby apps to get you excited to interact with your baby and document your little one's many milestones.

1. Feed Baby
App Cost: Free Platforms: IOS, Android

Feed Baby is a great way to track your baby’s breastfeeding sessions, pumping sessions, diaper changes and sleep schedule. It also provides detailed reports and graphs that allow you to see an aggregated picture of the inputted data. You also have access to timelines to track your baby’s activities throughout the day. And, you can export the data to analyze in your favorite spreadsheet format. (If spreadsheets happen to be your thing.)

2. Baby Pics

App Cost: $2.99 Platforms: IOS, Android

If you love sharing pictures on social media, this app is for you. You can capture your baby's milestone photos by marking them with personalized text, stickers and artwork. It's like creating a digital scrapbook that you can save and share to social media.

3. Mommy Meds
App Cost: $3.99 Platforms: IOS, Android This app is great to use while pregnant and when breastfeeding. It was developed using over 25 years of research and was created by the Texas Tech University Health Science Center's Infant Risk Center. With Mommy Meds, you can search or scan the barcodes of over 20,000 medications and receive immediate, easy to understand information on drug safety and medicine ingredients.
4. White Noise Baby
App Cost: $0.99 Platforms: IOS, Android White Noise Baby includes looped white noise sounds that can help soothe your baby. These sounds range from classical music to the Doppler ultrasound of the womb. It also has a baby rattle function that includes complex shapes and various sounds to help entertain your little one. It can also be activated when your baby starts crying.
5. Cloud Baby Monitor
App Cost: $3.99 Platform: IOS This app functions really well if you own two IOS devices, such as an iPhone and an iPad. Use one of the devices as a "child unit," which you place in your baby's room. You can view live video and clear audio on the other device that you're using as the "parent unit." Both devices will connected automatically, and the information is encrypted to ensure that no one else accesses the feed. This app also comes equipped with noise and motion alerts, and allows you to create your own playlists and utilize existing white noise sounds. You can also monitor two different children in different rooms, and can watch your baby from two different parent devices.
6. Mom Life
App Cost: Free Platform: IOS If you're looking for a private, online community that can help you in your new parenting journey, Mom Life might be for you. You can find said communities in various categories... by city, maternity age or child's age. You can share photos, milestones or ask for advice. And you can also search top parenting content, popular blogs and celebrity news. Just in case you need a little brain break.
7. To-Do List and Calendar
App Cost: Free Platforms: IOS, Android While not a baby-specific app, this is a great way to track your child's immunization history and schedule. It combines your calendar, to-do lists and reminders into one seamless app, allowing you to notate your child's immunization schedule and specific immunizations, while also helping to remind you of her upcoming appointments. And it's free, so that's pretty great too.
8. Web MD Baby
App Cost: Free Platform: IOS, Android Not only is the Web MD Baby app like having a "pediatrician in your pocket," but it also provides five comprehensive tools to help you keep track of your infant's needs... a food tracker, sleep tracker, diaper tracker, growth tracker and baby book compiler. And all of your information syncs across devices, making it easier to share and view with your partner and/or nanny.
9. Food Allergy Tracker
App Cost: Free Platform: Android This app helps you keep track of food allergies and/or sensitivities, which is important if your baby begins to display symptoms of food allergies. The interface is intuitive and configurable, and provides you with charts to help you better understand the provided information. The charts also make it simpler to share your findings with your healthcare professional.
10. Today's Parent My Family
App Cost: Free Platform: IOS, Android This app combines everything you need to know about your child's age and stage with other helpful information relating to your little one's development. There is also a storybook features that lets you turn your photos and videos into a digital scrapbook. Other tools include a feeding log, nap tracker and potty pal. (Which you will need sooner than you think, trust me!) What apps would you include as some of the best baby apps?

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