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10 Great Nursery Room Storage Ideas for Dads

August 2, 2018

If you’re a soon-to-be-dad, we’re willing to bet you’ve got a lot of questions about how to prepare for the little one on the way. While we can’t answer every question you may have in this post, we do have some great nursery room ideas to get you started.

Helping set up a functional, organized nursery room will allow you to bond with your partner and learn the ropes about what your new little bundle will need in the first months of life. Here are some helpful nursery room and storage ideas for future fathers:

1. Plan a functional furniture setup.

We aren’t going to tell you exactly how to set up your baby’s furniture, because the best layout for the baby nursery will differ depending on your family’s circumstances. Consider the amount of space you have and how you’ll be using the furniture. Take measurements of the room and furniture before making any purchases. When setting up the room, make sure all of the diapers, clothing, and wipes will be within reach of the changing table. You’ll also want the crib to be next to the rocker so you can easily lay the baby down after nighttime feedings.

2. Make use of closet space.

The closet is one of the most overlooked areas when brainstorming nursery storage ideas. Make sure to utilize every square inch of the closet by installing cubbies in the top portion of the closet and adding storage shelves below the hanging clothing.

3. Let the dresser double as a changing table.

Many parents-to-be start out thinking they need every recommended piece for the baby nursery, but many of the checklist items are superfluous. Save space by letting the baby’s dresser double as a changing table. Simply add a changing pad to the top of the dresser to make the transformation.

4. Minimize clutter.

This tip is music to your ears, right? Keep clutter to a minimum by avoiding unnecessary purchases and assess the items you collect throughout your baby’s first year of life. Gifts and gadgets are fun, but they may be wasting valuable space in your home.

5. Baby proof the room from the beginning.

It’s true that newborns don’t do much besides sleep and eat, but eventually, your little snoozer will be crawling and toddling around the room. Make sure you’re ready for the future by keeping shelves out of reach, storing baby toiletries up high, and adding baby proof features to electrical outlets, door knobs, etc. Don’t place the crib directly under shelving, and purchase a new crib to ensure it has the latest safety features. (Some older model cribs, like drop side cribs, have been recalled and banned for sale and resale because they are unsafe.)

For more ideas on baby-proofing the space, check out Owlet’s guide to baby safety products.

6. Go with a gender-neutral theme.

If you’re interested in saving money and being efficient, choose gender-neutral furniture and decor for your baby’s nursery. Choose white furniture or soft pastel shades of grey, blue, green, or red that can work for both a baby boy and girl. When buying decor, an animal theme is a safe bet; woodland creatures, giraffes, elephants, etc., keep things fun and cozy for your baby without specifying a gender. This way you can easily transition the room to the next sibling if you and your partner choose to grow your family in the future.

7. Install appropriate lighting.

Babies require attention around the clock, which means you or your partner will be stumbling into the dark room at night for several months to come. Install soft lighting and nightlights to make those visits less disruptive to your sleep cycle.

8. Get blackout curtains.

Most parents will do just about anything to get their baby to sleep in later and nap longer. Set your child up for success by installing light-blocking curtains in the nursery room. Remember, always measure before you buy.

9. Books can double as art.

Infants love brightly colored board books. Let your collection double as art by displaying your child’s books on shelves in the nursery room. This looks great and is much cheaper than buying art and framing it.

10. Hang baby clothes.

Baby clothes are tiny but don’t forget that you can save space by hanging them in the closet. By moving clothes to the closet, you’ll have more room in the dresser drawers for other baby supplies like toiletries, diapers, blankets, etc.

Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to having the best layout for your baby’s nursery with a functional, organized space.

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