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10 Must-Play Baby Shower Games

December 5, 2015

Throwing a baby shower soon? Nothing says party like a FUN game. Use a game to break the ice, get to know all of the guests, or to have another excuse to get the mother-to-be lots and lots of gifts! Either way, you have to play at least 1 game at your baby shower.

We’ve scoured Pinterest, and used our own experiences at baby showers, to highlight 10 of our favorite baby shower games:

Price is Right

-Get a laundry basket and pack it full of baby items and have every guest guess how much that entire basket costs. Items to include in the basket:

-Baby lotion

-Diaper cream

-Baby wipes

-Gas drops for baby

-Baby hangers

-Small baby toy




Have on-hand a small prize for the guest who guesses the closest amount without going over the winning price. Then, give the mother-to-be the entire basket of baby goodies.

Guess the Belly Size

Ask the mom-to-be beforehand if she feels comfortable playing this game. Chances are, she will! You will have guests guess the circumference of the mom’s belly with a piece of yarn.

Give each guest some yarn and scissors, and then they will measure the yarn and cut a piece that they think is the same size as the mom-to-be’s belly. Just be sure to have the mom-to-be measure her belly beforehand.

Guess the Diaper

This is an oldie, and if your circle of friends love to laugh, this is a goodie.

Have at least 8-10 clean diapers that you will then place chocolate candy bars inside of unwrapped. See where we are going here? Your guests will then try and tell you which candy bar is inside each diaper. So, you’ll want to have each diaper numbered with pieces of paper that guests can write down their guesses on.

Suggest to guests that they can examine the contents closely, and even, yes, smell the diapers to finalize their guesses.

Diaper Sayings

Speaking of diapers, new moms can’t have enough diapers once their little ones are here. To make diaper changes easier, and even something to look forward to, have guests write down funny quotes, advice, or inside-jokes on the outside of baby’s diapers with a marker. Then give these diapers to the mom-to-be.

That way when moms have to make a diaper change, even in the middle of the night, they will get a laugh out of it.

Diaper Changing Race

This one is sure to get laughs! Blindfold guests and have them attempt to change a diaper on a doll blindfolded. Time each attempt, and the fastest diaper changer who is blindfolded, wins!

What will baby look like?

Print off pictures of the mom-to-be and dad-to-be when they were babies. Then, give each guest a copy of those pictures with scissors, paper, and glue to share. Have guests piece a new image together using their baby features to create what their baby just might look like. Just wait for the results: many laughs will be had!

Celebrity Mom Trivia

Pass out papers and pens. On the paper list celebrity kids’ names and see if guests are able to guess what celebrity mother they belong to. This is a great game to help pass the time!

Count the Candies

Get an empty bottle with a nipple and place the mom-to-be’s favorite candy inside, like M & M’s, Reese’s Pieces, or Junior Mints. Then have guests guess the number of candies inside. The person who gets the closest to the correct number gets the bottle. Yum!

Baby Names

Everyone loves to talk baby names and share their opinion on names. Have guests write down their suggested first or middle name for baby and have the mom-to-be read them aloud.

Letter For Mom

While this isn’t a game, it sure is a sentimental exercise that the mom-to-be will love and cherish. Two weeks before you throw the baby shower for the mom-to-be, have the dad-to-be write his significant other a letter about her new journey of becoming a mother. Hand this letter to the mom-to-be when everyone is around, and have her read it aloud. Get ready for tears to be shed!

Whatever game you choose to do at a baby shower, remember the mom-to-be should be the guest of honor. Shower her with lots of love! (Presents aren’t a bad idea either.)

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