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10 Ways for Dads to Bond with their Newborns

June 15, 2022

How can dads bond with a newborn? Well, if you’re a Dad of a new baby, this post is written just for you. Keep reading for some tips and suggestions on the best ways to bond with your newborn. And for all the moms reading, feel free to share this useful information with your husband!

How to Get Baby to Bond with Dad

Whether this is your first baby, fourth, fifth or even sixth, it’ very important for you to bond with your newborn. Your wife will already have a special connection with your newborn; after all, she carried this baby for 9 months! Many dads feel like they’ll have to wait until the baby is older to be able to develop a special relationship with the baby, but the good news is you can start the moment you welcome your little babe to this earth! Your baby needs you just as much as it needs your wife. Looking for the best ways to bond with your baby? Here are 10 suggestions:

1. Hold baby close: Whether Mom is at work, taking time for herself, or whether it’s simply your turn to care for the baby, make sure you spend time holding your baby. You’ll get to comfort your baby and look them in the eyes, which will help your baby realize that Dad is someone to trust and rely on.

2. Take the night shift: Night shifts aren’t just for Mom; this is a great time for Dad to bond with baby as well. In the stillness of the night, this is the perfect time for you to hold your baby close and let them know just how much you love them. Not only will you start to develop a bond with your baby, you’ll also get brownie p

3. Soothe baby: It’s important to let Baby know that Mom isn’t the only one who can give them what they need. Instead of handing the baby over as soon as they start to cry, take a few minutes to try to soothe Baby by yourself. Holding Baby close with rocking motions can usually do the trick. This lets your baby know that you can also be a source of comfort.

4. Be silly with baby: Babies love silly faces and silly sounds. Silly faces usually lead to smiles and, if you’re lucky, even a laugh from your baby. They also love silly noises too. Being silly is a great way to bond with your little one.

5. Walks with baby: It’s important to take your little one into the great outdoors. This doesn’t have to be some amazing location; even a walk around the block is good enough! Your baby will enjoy taking in all the new sights and sounds that the great outdoors has to offer. And while you’re outside, use a stroller or carrier that allows your baby to see you the entire time. Some of these include Ergobaby performance, Baby Bjorn original, or a Moby Wrap. These types of carriers provide the baby to be close to you which will help with the bonding experience.

6. Diaper Duty: It might not sound like the best way to bond, but Baby needs to be changed many times a day, so you can make the most of it. This is a time when you can talk to your baby, tickle Baby’s toes, and make them feel more comfortable around you.

7. Be a part of the bedtime routine: When your little baby arrives, talk with your wife about setting up a consistent bedtime routine. Together you two can discuss what kind of activities you’d like to do. Some fun ideas are reading books, singing songs, cuddles, prayer time, etc. If you’re a dad who works all day and gets home at night, this is a really important time to bond with your baby, especially if you haven’t been able to spend time with your baby during the day.

8. Sing/read to baby: The sound of your voice is so soothing to your baby. The more your baby hears your voice, the more he/she will recognize your voice and find comfort in it. Holding your baby close while you sing or read helps the bonding experience.

9. Set time aside: If you’re a first-time dad, you need to make time for the new little person in your life. With your busy, pre-baby schedule, it is easy to forget to make time for your little one when he/she arrives. It’s important to set time aside for your little one so bonding can happen.

10. Baby carrier: As mentioned above, you too can wear the baby carrier! You always see the mom walking around with the baby strapped to her chest as she gets things done around the house. Now it’s your turn! Even if you only put it on for a few minutes, this will help your little one feel close to you and allow bonding to take place.

If you’re a new dad, we hope this list helps inspire you instead of overwhelm you. Remember, just because we’ve listed ten ideas doesn’t mean you need to be doing all of them. ick one or two and give them a try. Don’t worry if it doesn’t come naturally at first; with time, your love and admiration will grow, and as a result, your desire to bond will also grow. A relationship with your new baby is very rewarding!

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