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10 Weird Things That Happen to Your Body During Pregnancy

September 21, 2015
Growing a baby is something truly extraordinary. Feeling the baby kick and hearing the baby’s heartbeat are unforgettable experiences. But, there are also a number of changes to your body during pregnancy. Is increased gas normal? Is losing your voice a sign of pregnancy? As your body supports the growth of a child, it certainly goes through some adjustments. Read on for 10 pregnancy symptoms that you may not expect:
  1. Gas During Pregnancy
Painful cramping in your belly and bloating will make you want to release the pressure often throughout the day. Don’t worry; although it may be embarrassing, this is completely normal. Extra gas is due to your intestines being extra slow with all the changes your body is going through. If you are extra gassy during pregnancy, try avoiding foods that may cause constipation, such as broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, and carbonated drinks.
  1. Leaking During Pregnancy
Jumping jacks, laughing, and even sneezing may cause you to leak. Yep, leak. Leaking during pregnancy happens because your baby is resting right on your bladder. Try wearing thin maxi-pads and exercising your pelvic floor to help prevent leaking each time you sneeze or laugh.
  1. Discharge During Pregnancy
Along with leaking, you may also have pregnancy discharge. Pale, white, or yellow discharge in your underwear due to increased hormones and vaginal blood flow. If the discharge ever becomes bloody, smelly, itches, or burns, talk to your doctor. To help deal with this, wear thin maxi-pads and change your underwear often.
  1. Stuffy Nose During Pregnancy
You may find yourself reaching for the tissues quite often during pregnancy due to a stuffy nose. Increased hormones and blood production can cause mucous membranes to swell, dry, and even bleed in your nasal airways. To help with this symptom, use saline drops, run a humidifier at night, and drink plenty of water.
  1. Sweat During Pregnancy
Feel like you always want the A/C on while your significant other is freezing cold? If you are sweating in places you never knew you could sweat, it’s a normal side effect of pregnancy. All of that extra blood pumping through your body warms up your skin. Since sweat is a way for your body to cool off, that’s why you may sweat more. Try dressing in layers and keep hydrated to help with all the perspiring.
  1. Snoring During Pregnancy
Does your significant other tell you that you all of a sudden have started snoring while sleeping? This is a common side effect that’s usually linked with the stuffy nose symptom. Because your nose may be more stuffy, it can be a bit harder to breathe at night, leading to increased snoring. Try propping yourself up at night (which may also help your heartburn) and use saline drops to keep your nasal passages clear.
  1. Nipple Changes During Pregnancy
Are you finding that the areola area of your nipple is looking larger and darker? You may also find tiny bumps around the nipple itself and may even excrete fluid. As you may have guessed, this is simply nature’s way of getting your body ready to nurse a baby. Don’t worry, though...your areolas will shrink back to their normal size after Baby comes.
  1. Voice Changes During Pregnancy
Hoarse voice pregnancy symptoms might initially have you puzzled, especially if you’ve ever woken up and felt like your voice has dropped an octave. A lower voice or a raspy voice is simply another weird pregnancy symptom. This change is another side effect due to all the hormone changes you’re experiencing. Don’t worry...after your baby arrives, your voice should return to normal.
  1. Runny Nose During Pregnancy
Find that you have a runny nose that won’t go away? If this symptom lasts longer than 6 weeks, you could have pregnancy rhinitis. This is when your nasal passageways become irritated and inflamed during pregnancy. As a result, you may experience nasal congestion, sneezing, and a runny nose. Keeping yourself hydrated and sleeping with your head propped up may help deal with this condition.
  1. Bloody Gums During Pregnancy
Are you brushing your teeth and finding blood on your toothbrush? This, too, is another side effect of pregnancy. This happens because all the hormone changes your body is going through requires extra blood flow that can even be found in your gums and oral cavity. Of course, you’ll need to keep brushing your teeth. But to help with bloody gums, try using warm water while brushing and switch to a soft toothbrush. Although it may seem weird that your body is going through new changes, take comfort in knowing that it’s all perfectly normal. Pregnancy symptoms will eventually go away. Until they do, remember that your body is working hard to create a new life, so make sure you cut yourself some slack and take extra good care of yourself.

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