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12 Ways to Celebrate Baby’s First Christmas

December 4, 2016

The holidays are a magical time, but when you get to celebrate this time of year with your new bundle of joy, it feels extra special. Here are 12 ways to celebrate baby’s first Christmas:

1. Trimming the tree

There is nothing like seeing your baby’s eyes light up after they see your Christmas tree decorated for the first time. Be sure to capture this moment with your camera. Or let them hold the lights or ornaments before you add them to the tree; they’ll love it.

2. My first Christmas Onesie

Everyone needs to know that it is your baby’s first Christmas, so get them a onesie that says it for you. Photos of your baby wearing this shirt will make your heart melt when you see these pics years later. (Here are some of our favorite options if you are looking this year: here and here.)

3. Christmas book

Right now is a great time to start your Christmas children’s book collection. Did you have a favorite book that you loved to read when you were younger during this time of year? If so, order it early in the season so you have plenty of time to read it this month. Then, add a new Christmas book to your collection each year.

4. Start a tradition

This is another great time of year to start a new tradition just for you and your little family. Decorate a gingerbread house, go caroling and then have hot cocoa or go see the Christmas lights in your city. Whatever it is, keep the same tradition going, and you’ll make unforgettable memories year after year.

5. Make baby’s first ornament


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We love this idea. Stamp your baby’s hand or foot print onto a glass ball ornament that says “(Baby name’s) first Christmas 2016.” Not only will you be able to pull this ornament out year after year, but when your baby is old enough to have their very own Christmas, you can give the ornament to them (sniff). For step-by-step instructions on how to do this, this is a great how-to.

6. Create baby’s stocking

Don’t forget that your baby will need their own stocking from now on. You can either make one yourself, or if you aren’t the crafty type, there are some many reasonably priced and cute stockings available for purchase that you can customize easily.

7. Get Christmas photos taken as a family

Everyone put on their favorite Christmas sweater and brave the cold outside to commemorate your family’s first Christmas. Find a photographer you love to do a photoshoot with, or have a friend come over to snap a quick picture. This year’s Christmas will definitely be one you don’t want to forget!

8. Listen to Christmas music

Does your baby love to listen to music? If so, turn the Christmas music up and listen away! This will help bring the Christmas spirit into your home- and don’t forget to sing and dance with baby.

9. Visit Santa

Some babies either love or, well, not love Santa. But, you have to commemorate this year’s Christmas with baby sitting on Santa’s lap! This will be one image you will cherish forever.

10. Buy new Christmas pajamas

Add to your baby’s pajama collection with their own Christmas jammies. You can either have them wear them for the first time on Christmas Eve, or give them their jammies early on in December, so they can wear them throughout the month.

11. Cherish your baby

The holidays tend to be a very busy time with family, friends and work obligations. Be sure to take the time to pause with your small family and really cherish this memorable time with your baby. We can promise that it will be one of your favorite Christmases yet!

12. Follow a Christmas Bucket List

We’ve given you lots of ideas on what to do to celebrate your baby’s first Christmas, but this print-out is one you can keep handy to make sure you get to do all of these fun activities with your baby this holiday season!

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