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4 Amazing Features of Dream Duo

May 17, 2022

When it comes to baby sleep tracking, the Dream Duo is a parent’s dream come true. Combining the power of Owlet’s award-winning technology and personalized sleep program, the Dream Duo—including both the Dream Sock and the Owlet cam—gives you a complete picture of Baby’s sleep. By monitoring your baby’s can’t-miss moments, you’ll be able to adapt your routines, learn and recognize patterns, and build better sleep habits from day one.

Wondering what exactly makes the Dream Duo so great? Here are five amazing features we think you’ll love.

1. High-Quality Audio & Video

The Owlet Dream Duo utilizes high quality audio and video streaming so that you can get a complete picture of your baby’s sleep that’s of the highest caliber. The Owlet Cam streams 1080p HD video, includes 4x zoom, and utilizes night vision technology for nighttime viewings. The audio capabilities include 2-way audio and background audio. Likewise, you can rest assured knowing that when you’re connecting to the Owlet Cam through your personal device, the connection is secure, private, and encrypted.

2. Heart Rate and Oxygen Tracking

Unlike other baby monitors that only make you aware of (and more anxious of) how poorly your baby is sleeping, the Owlet Dream Duo utilizes award-winning technology to give you a complete picture of Baby’s sleep so you can assist your baby in the moment. Not only is the Dream Duo the only baby monitor to track heart rate and oxygen level as Sleep Quality Indicators, but you’ll also receive insights regarding wakings, movement, humidity, room temperature, and noise level. These tracked indicators help provide you with an understanding of your baby’s sleep quality and sleep state, so you can help them get the best sleep possible.

3. Seamless User Experience with the Owlet Dream app

Say goodbye to other sleep tracking apps. Parents will love that the Owlet Dream App is both user-friendly and comprehensive. The app combines sleep quality data from the Dream Sock, HD video livestreams, plus readings on your baby’s sleep environment from the Owlet Cam. Within the app, you can easily toggle between viewing the Owlet Cam stream, checking your baby’s sleep history, and viewing other sleep trends and data. These useful insights allow you to tap into a number of insights surrounding your baby’s sleep.

4. Access to Expert Tips

Within the Owlet Dream App, you’ll also receive weekly tips from parenting and sleep experts. Not only will you be empowered with baby sleep tips, but you’ll also receive insights and tools related to feeding, postpartum adjustment, self-care, parenting support, and child development that progresses weekly with the age of your newborn. These tips are intended to help you feel even more confident and empowered in the parenting journey.

Available only in the US.

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