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5 Best TTC Products

October 31, 2016

Pregnancy is a natural and beautiful experience every woman should be able to experience. But sometimes our bodies aren’t on board with our most natural desire to have children. Take it from someone who went through two years of fertility treatments, getting pregnant can be a challenge for some.

Aside from seeing a fertility specialist, there are some things you can do from your home to enable you to take control over your fertility and help the “getting pregnant” process move along a little smoother. Here are some of the best trying to conceive (TTC) products that I found helpful in my TTC journey.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility Book

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If you’re anything like me you’re probably thinking, I don’t have time to read a book! Ok, but seriously you NEED to read this book if you’re having trouble conceiving. It explains everything that needs to happen in your body in order to get pregnant and knowledge is power when it comes to infertility. This book allowed me to be educated enough to have competent conversations with my doctor, which eventually led to finding my diagnosis and treatment (and now I have six-month-old twins).

Taking Charge of Your Fertility explains everything about your cycle, ovulation and how to track ovulation with your basal body temperature (BBT). Tracking your BBT opens doors and gives you so much insight to what is happening in your body during your cycle. It can really answer some of the “why” questions you might be having about not being able to conceive. I could go on and on about the importance of BBT and this book. Just get it and read it! You might even be able to check it out from your local library.

BBT Thermometer

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Your Basal Body Temperature is your body's temperature in the morning right when you wake up. During this time your body temperature is the lowest and most consistent for ovulation tracking. You’ll need a special BBT thermometer that doesn’t round up or down because you need the most accurate numbers to the tenth degree. I was so skeptical about BBT charting at first, but in my first appointment with my fertility specialist he asked to see my BBT chart and I knew I had to start doing it. You can buy one here!

Fertility Friend App

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This app has everything you need for tracking your ovulation. You can record your BBT, spotting, symptoms, cervical mucus and the list goes on! If you are BBT charting (which you totally should if you haven’t caught onto that yet) it will tell you when you ovulated and give you predictions for ovulation in future months! It’s honestly the best way to keep track of your cycle, even if you aren’t trying to get pregnant.

Ovulation and HCG Test Strips

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You’ll want to know if you have LH (the hormone that makes you ovulate) in your system around the time of ovulation. You just use this test just like you would a pregnancy test to track exactly when your body is getting ready to ovulate so you can be prepared to do the baby dance with your partner! I love this ovulation and HCG (pregnancy test) combo pack from Amazon. It comes with 50 tests for ovulation and 20 for pregnancy. This pack lasted me about 5 months and they are accurate!

Water Bottle & Prenatal Vitamins

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When I was trying to get pregnant I despised drinking water and taking prenatal vitamins. What's the point of taking prenatels and staying hydrated if I can't even get pregnant, right? It's important to keep your body healthy and treat it as if you were already pregnant. Just think of it as preparing your body to carry a little one! Plus, your body benefits from the hydration and vitamins while you're waiting.

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Brittany Condie

Brittany is new mother to twins. She enjoys watching Netflix, pinteresting, theme parks and anything Harry Potter.