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5 Fun Ways to Document Baby's Firsts

December 20, 2016

With the holiday season fast approaching, there are many opportunities to create and share memories with your littles. There are many wonderful ideas and products that you can utilize to memorialize these important moments. From letter boards to instant cameras, I'm sharing five fun ways to document baby's firsts.

1. Use a creative "baby's firsts" book.

Baby's First Year

Baby's First Year book by Lucy Darling ($35)

What I love about this book is that it provides a simple, yet beautiful, way to document moments from your baby's first year. It includes pages to add an ultrasound photo, a note to baby, a spot for footprints, the birth announcement and baby's hospital bracelet. You also have 12 pages of month documenting, 11 blank pages with embellishment, pages that document firsts (including holidays), a family tree page and more.

2. Embrace the felt letter board trend.


Felt Letter Board by Letterfolk ($50)

It's not a secret that felt letter boards are all the rage right now. Not only do they have a vintage vibe, they also are completely customizable. You can document birth stats, monthly milestones, first day of school, etc. with these boards. And you can also hang the boards to add a custom touch to your baby's nursery.

3. Go retro with instant film.

Instax 8

Instax Mini 8 camera by Fujifilm (Starting at $52)

One of the perks of having an instant film camera is that you can document and print as you go. Take this to the hospital to capture your child's very first moments, and create a rotating photo display (like this one) in her room. You can continue to rotate images and start a photo book of the older photos.

4. Create unique photo opportunities.


Baby Monthly Milestone blanket by BATZkids ($33)

There are a lot of products out there to help you create unique photographs. I love this swaddling blanket because it gives you a month-by-month outline that you can customize for your child. You can use it as a birth announcement, and for month-to-month documentation. Since it's a finite size, you can also see your child's growth each month. The best part? You can actually use it as a swaddling blanket. So it's got that multi-purpose thing going for it that the pragmatist in me loves.

5. Get all the apps.

I already wrote a post about great apps for documenting your baby's first year, which you should check out, because they're all wonderful in their own way. I'd like to add the Baby Pics app ($2.99) to this list, because it allows you to add beautiful artwork and text to your images. All of these apps allow you to capture the magic of your child's milestones and are all unique so you can find the perfect app for you.

Still wanting more ideas? Try this customizable chalkboard or these fun milestone cards for more documenting fun.

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