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5 Pregnancy Workouts You Can Start Today

April 13, 2022
When you're pregnant, it's sometimes difficult to find the motivation to exercise. Or maybe you've never had the motivation to work out... or maybe the opposite is true. Regardless of where you are on the exercise spectrum, here are five pregnancy workouts you can start today. 1. Yoga Along with its positive mental benefits, prenatal yoga can help keep you and your joints flexible. It also strengthens your muscles, promotes circulation and can help you relax. 2. Walking Walking is an effective, low impact workout that can yield great results. And you don't have to be a fitness genius to figure it out because you're walking every day anyway. Walking keeps your heart and muscles toned, keeps your body fit and can ease constipation. (To be honest, that last result probably trumps the rest.) 3. Swimming Feeling weightless in the water is an amazing feeling, especially when you're carrying a child. Swimming allows you to move and exercise your body in a safer environment for your baby. It also gives you a better range of motion without putting excess pressure on your joints. 4. Abdominal exercises The correct abdominal exercises can help you strengthen your core and help alleviate pressure to your lower back. Exercises like standing crunches and pelvic tilts are really effective. Check out this article to see these two abdominal exercises (and four others) in action. 5. Kegels This is a vital exercise that will help prepare you for labor, as well as aid in your postpartum recovery. To do them, hold your lower lady muscles (as though you're trying to stop from peeing) for up to ten seconds, and then slowly relax them for about three to five seconds. Try to do sets of ten, and work up to ten sets per day. Remember to always clear everything with your doctor, and have fun!

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