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5 Quick Tips For Your New Owlet Cam

January 12, 2022

We hope you’re enjoying your new Owlet Cam. To help you maximize the features of the Cam, here are a few tips and tricks that will help you have an even better experience.

1. Turn on/off the light on the front of the Cam.

Do you know how to turn off the light on the front of the Cam? It’s simple! Open your app and click the “Account” button in the bottom right corner. Then under “My Owlet Devices”, click on your connected Cam. Once you’re on this page, scroll down to the “Status Light” button to toggle the light on and off.

2. Turn on/off background audio.

Using your Owlet Cam, you have 3 different audio feature options to choose from.

  1. Cam Audio: On – Your Cam’s audio will play through your mobile device while you’re in the Owlet App.
  2. Cam Audio: Background – Your Cam’s audio will play through your mobile device, even outside of the Owlet App.
  3. Cam Audio: Off – Your Cam’s audio is muted on your mobile device.

To choose an audio setting, make sure you are on the “Home” tab of your Owlet App, found in the bottom left corner. Next, click the up arrow next to your connected Cam to show the dropdown menu options. You should now see the “Cam Audio” option on your screen. Click the word “on” that is found next to the “Cam Audio” option. A popup should appear with the options to toggle between on, off or background audio.

3. How to toggle notifications on/off.

Want to turn off Owlet Cam notifications? The toggle on the home page turns off both sound and motion notifications on your mobile device. It’s helpful to note that turning on/off notifications with this toggle won’t impact the settings on other devices you may have that access the same account.

4. How to talk through the Owlet Cam

If you’re wondering how to talk through the Owlet Cam, you must press the microphone button in order to do so. To project your voice, you’ll need to push and hold the microphone button.

5. How to stream Cam video footage on different smartphones

One advantageous feature of the Owlet Cam is that you can stream footage from your Cam on up to 5 smart devices simultaneously. This means that if dad, grandma or your babysitter wants to monitor your baby, they all can. To stream on multiple devices, simply have each person download the Owlet app and sign in using your same account credentials.

*Important note: If you have multiple people wanting to stream footage from the same Cam, don’t create a separate app login for each account. This will cause the Cam to disconnect from the previous account and reconnect to the new app account. Instead, make sure everyone you are giving streaming access to (up to 5 smart devices simultaneously) uses the same login/account credentials.

For more instructional info, visit our support page here.

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