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6 Valentine’s Day Photoshoot Ideas for Baby

February 9, 2021

Oh-me, oh-my! Is there anything more adorable than baby photo shoots on Valentine’s Day?! Nope, there's not. And not that you need an excuse to stage a ridiculously adorable photoshoot with your baby, but Valentine's Day provides an extra chance for cuteness with the fun props and backdrops you can use.

Here are some ideas for a Valentine's Day photoshoot you can have with your baby:

1. Valentine's Day Sign

Since your little sweetheart might not be able to verbally express his/her feelings yet, make a cute heart-shaped sign for them to hold for a picture!


Photo by Diane H Photography

2. Balloon Backdrop

A simple backdrop for Valentine's Day photoshoot is pink, red, and/or white balloons! You can get them from just about anywhere, and babies will be so happy and distracted playing with them that you'll easily get plenty of happy, candid photos out of your adorable baby.


Photo by Rachel Vivienne Photography

3. Use Photo Props

You can buy or make your own photo props for some adorable and creative photo poses with your baby! Big lips, hats, and glasses all make for great photo props, especially on Valentine's Day.


Photo by Jami West Photography

4. Photo Collage

The only thing better than a Valentine's Day picture of your baby is 4 Valentine's Day pictures of your baby! Pick up a few inexpensive monogram letters from any craft store and let your baby play with them while you snap away. You'll love the variety of cute faces you'll capture as they explore their fun new "toy."


Photo by Love at First Sight Photography

5. Angel/Cupid Baby

Oh. My. Goodness. This little angel came straight from heaven, and can totally be re-created with your own little angel. Most costume stores sell simple wings or you could even find DIY tutorial on Pinterest. Add a cute homemade bow and arrow made from sticks and you'll be swooning for years as you make this part of your annual Valentine's Day decor.


Photo by Limelight 31 Photography

6. Covered in kisses

Now you have an excuse to kiss that baby all over! Get out that bright lipstick and get to kissing, because this kissy picture might be the easiest but most irresistible picture you'll ever take. Baby will likely be in great spirits after all that love, making the smiles come natural and the photo shoot that much easier.


Photo by Rachel Vivienne Photography (@rachelvivienne)

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