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6 Ways to Achieve Feng Shui in Your Baby’s Nursery

August 3, 2015

You may have heard of Feng Shui for your house or even office space, but have you thought about Feng Shui for your little one’s nursery? Originating from China, Feng Shui is all about spatial arrangement and organization in your living environment to create a positive, harmonious flow of energy and balance.

Achieving good Feng Shui in your child’s nursery will help your baby feel comfortable, happy and healthy. Today we are sharing six ways you can accomplish this in the nursery space you set up for your little one.

  1. Crib placement is important. There is quite a bit to know about crib placement in Feng Shui. First, your child’s crib should not be placed against a wall, unless it’s the head of the crib. Look at ways you can arrange the nursery furniture so the crib is in the center of the room, away from the walls, or in a position where just the short length of the crib touches a wall. Second, it is believed that setting the crib up in a north-facing direction is associated with stillness, which can help a colicky or restless baby. Third, do not place the crib in line with the door to the bedroom, as it can negatively affect restfulness and good sleep.
  1. Eliminate clutter. A clean, clear space correlates to a harmonious room. Make an effort to keep your child’s nursery free of clutter. Do this by deep cleansing the room, including the walls, baseboards, and windows, on a regular basis so that the room remains clean. In between deep cleanings, pick up the room and organize it. Opt to keep toys and other items in the room in baskets and other storage bins and organizers, rather than having them displayed or left out in the room.
  1. Select soft, muted colors for the room’s paint. As tempting as it can be to use bright colors and mix in lots of design element, especially with the options and products available, it’s important to remember that soft, muted tones are best for a nursery. Using softer colors and muted tones help prevent your baby from getting overstimulated by bright colors and design distractions, like elaborate wall paper pint, which could negatively affect his or her sleep. Think of the soft colors that appear in nature and do your best to mimic, or mirror, those.
  1. Use a crib mobile to create movement. One large premise of Feng Shui has to do with the flow of positive energy and harmonious feelings. Using a crib mobile that spins or moves can help imitate that and create movement in this space. However, it’s important to note that if it’s a mobile you use, it should not be hung over the baby’s crib, as it will be a distraction and take away from the calming feelings and disturb the child from sleep. Instead, place the mobile (or other hanging ornaments) near the window. You can also use a ceiling fan to promote good energy and movement.
  1. Carefully consider the lighting of the room. The keyword for lighting in a Feng Shui nursery is “” Utilize natural light, if at all possible. But, also keep in mind that your little one’s nursery shouldn’t be too bright, or too dark, during the day. If the room is too bright, it could interfere with the baby’s ability to sleep and be rested. If the room is too dark, the room will have too much “yin,” which is a negative energy.
  1. Keep the room free of pointed objects. Take a look at the room to ensure there are no exposed pointed objects. Pointed corners act as poison arrows and attach your personal energy space. If some pointed objects, like the corner of the changing table, are unavoidable and need to be in the room, move the object so that it is not pointing to the crib, so it will not be invading your baby’s personal energy space.

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