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7 Signs You're Living Life With a Newborn

June 14, 2016

Your pregnancy is over but now you’ve welcomed in a new set of experiences and challenges with a newborn. We’ve been there and know there are some things every new parent will experience. So here are seven all-too-true signs that you’re living an exciting life with a newborn!

1. When you’re so glad you made it through labor you could tell the whole world.


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2. When you realize sleep was a thing of the past.

never sleep again

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3. When your once good sleep is now called nap time.


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4. When you change the 10th dirty diaper of the day.


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5. Because one diaper change isn’t enough.


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6. When you face this dilemma. Every. Day.


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7. When you need a break and you’re ready to hire a babysitter, but who do you trust to take care of your precious little one?


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Brittany Condie

Brittany is new mother to twins. She enjoys watching Netflix, pinteresting, theme parks and anything Harry Potter.