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8 Fun 4th of July Traditions and Activities for the Whole Family

July 3, 2017

The Fourth of July is a great holiday to spend quality family time and create traditions. Here are eight fun Fourth of July activities and traditions that are great for the whole family.

1. Craft it up

Finding unique Fourth of July craft projects is a nice way to get your kids excited for the holiday, as well as provides a way for you to teach them a little bit of history. Two fun crafts that incorporate a little history are these duct tape Uncle Sam hats or these Statue of Liberty crowns. Another great craft idea is to make a star wand... glitter optional, of course.

2. Attend a parade or other local activity

If you're new to town or have lived there awhile, it's fun to tap into local activities and traditions. Whether it's a parade, car show or fireworks display, attending these events can establish lasting traditions for your family. Bonus points if you're within walking distance to avoid parking pitfalls.

3. Make red, white and blue treats

No Fourth of July would be complete without some yummy treats. Pick a couple of family recipes and modify them with a little food coloring, or try something new. ThisAmerican flag s'mores dip looks amazing, as do these sugar cookie bars.

4. Organize a patriotic neighborhood bike parade

Talk to your neighbors and organize a fun patriotic-themed bike parade. Provide red, white and blue balloons, construction paper, streamers and maybe even a little glitter, and stage a parade down your street.

5. Play Fourth of July themed games

Enjoy the day playing fun patriotic games. Try out a Fourth of July scavenger hunt and see who can spot things like a red firework or flag first. Print out patriotic bingo sheets and challenge each other to see who can get five spots covered first. First one to call out "Bingo" wins a prize!

6. Host a Fourth of July party

Light up the barbecue, set up some patriotic decorations and host a Fourth of July gathering. Whether it's family, friends, neighbors or a combination of all three, hosting a low-key party is a good way to spend quality time with each other and allows your kids the opportunity to burn a little energy. If you're overly ambitious, try to recruit your neighbors and host a block party filled with food, games and fireworks.

7. Play a game of pickup baseball

There's nothing more American than baseball. Create your own Sandlot moment with a group of your favorite humans. Or, simplify it a little bit (and make it more kid-friendly) by hosting a rousing game of kickball.

8. Create your own fireworks extravaganza

Let's be honest... if your kids are little, you're probably going to want to have them in bed before it gets dark. So, get some sparklers and other family-friendly fireworks, and create your own show. Your kids will have just as much fun if it's light outside, and then you can get them into bed at a decent hour.

What are some of your favorite Fourth of July activities and traditions?

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