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8 Unique Baby Shower Gifts

May 20, 2017

So you're invited to a baby shower, but you're in a little bit of a baby shower gift rut. Have no fear! We're here to help you out. Below are eight unique baby shower gifts, with options that work with every budget. Let's get started...

1. Professional photography session

Since it can be a bit pricey, a professional photography session is a great option for a group gift. Purchase a session from a local photographer (bonus points if you already know her favorite) to capture her baby's first year of life, including newborn photos, six-month photos, and one-year-old photos.

2. Photo book gift card

If a photographer isn't in your budget, another unique gift idea is a photo book gift card. Chatbooks is a great service, because it makes the process of creating photo books quick and seamless.

3. Instant camera and film

Isn't it great that instant cameras have made a comeback? My sister brought her Fujifilm INSTAX camera to the hospital when she delivered and captured some beautiful images of her child right after birth. She continues to document her daughter in this way and showcases the images in a changeable photo display, similar to this.

4. Meal delivery service

Dinner prep can be stressful, especially right after having a baby. To help alleviate this stress for the new mama and her partner, you can purchase a meal service for a month or two. Green Chef is a wonderful option that features an organic, diverse menu. Alternatively, if you'd rather make meals yourself, and know others that would like to do the same, online scheduling services like Meal Train can also be effective. That way, you can sign up for slots, and the gift recipient will be able to see when meals are coming in.

5. Babysitting and/or cleaning coupons

Service-oriented gifts make a big impact and are a great option if you have a limited budget. Offering babysitting services for a few date nights would be much appreciated, and who wouldn't want to have a little help cleaning the house?

6. Postpartum doula service

Helping to secure a postpartum doula could be a good idea for any recovering mama, but especially one who had a C-section or otherwise difficult delivery. Because a gift like this involves hiring a caretaker, it might be a good idea to consult the intended mama and her partner before you decide to go this route.

7. Stroller Caddy

Whether it's to hold a baby bottle or a caffeinated beverage for the new mama, a stroller caddy is a must-have. So if you know what drinks or treats she likes, think about adding a few bonus items inside the caddy for her to discover when she opens it.

8. Postpartum survival items

Whether it's perineal or breast pads, or an organic postpartum recovery kit, think of getting something that helps mama feel better after she has the baby. Also, she probably wouldn't be mad if you included a little Ben & Jerry's on the side.

What are your favorite unique baby showers gifts to give/receive?

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