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A Night in the Life: Amazed

April 13, 2022
["This a new installment in the Night in the Life series. Check out more in the series here<\/a>.<\/em>\n\n\"Owlet<\/a>\n\nHi! My name is Kaylynn Young and I\u2019m a lifestyle blogger at<\/a>. I married my high school sweetheart. We have a five year old daughter T, an angel boy in heaven named Ian, and a rainbow baby B.\n\n\"Owlet\n\nAfter a smooth pregnancy with our first, we were super na\u00efve. Our second pregnancy was much more complicated and after a month of strict bedrest our little angel came into the world at a mere 21 weeks. There was absolutely nothing the doctors could do to help him \u2013 he was simply too little. (You can read the full story with details on my blog under the heading \u201cStill born, still loved.\u201d)\n\nWe found out we were expecting our rainbow baby just four months after we lost our little Ian. For those that don\u2019t know, a rainbow baby is a baby that is born following a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or infant loss. In the real world, a beautiful and bright rainbow follows a storm and gives hope of things getting better. The rainbow is more appreciated having just experienced the storm in comparison. After the loss, we took every precaution, but the pregnancy was as simple it could have been. We welcomed our rainbow baby B in November 2015.\n\n\n\nI had never been a worrier when it came to my first sleeping baby, especially since I am such a heavy sleeper. However, after holding my angel son, my worst fear was to have a repeat with my newborn daughter. I would hear her stir or cough and immediately my mind went to the worst possible conclusion. I played the, \u201cWhat if\u201d game and I had nightmares about waking up the next morning to find my little rainbow baby gone.\n\nIt was bad. Lots of hormones, lots of not sleeping, and lots of worrying.\n\nWith all the late night feeds, I started to see advertisements and fellow bloggers promoting this contraption called Owlet. I brushed it off, but continued to see these ads and blog reviews. Curious, I finally clicked on a friend\u2019s blog post and was AMAZED.\n\n\"Among<\/a>\n\nEnter Owlet. I cannot put into words the relief I felt knowing I could check on my little rainbow baby at any time. I could stay in my bed, look on my phone or the home base monitor and see she was breathing and everything was in range. This changed everything for me. The Owlet helped me stop worrying and sleep better at night.\n\nIt took a few tries to figure out what worked best for us \u2013 we have a super wiggler on our hands. She\u2019s an expert at removing her \u201cimmovable\u201d shoes and socks. How were we going to keep this Owlet sock on her? We tried several things, but we had the most success with footed pajamas. Once she stops wiggling the sock stays on perfectly and I sleep fabulously.\n\n\"Owlet5\"<\/a>\n\nThis product has been a lifesaver. I cannot stress it enough. I would whole-heartedly recommend the Owlet monitor to any parent. It has given me such peace of mind and has been a total game-changer.\n\n\"Owlet6\"<\/a>\n\nThis is a guest post written by\u00a0Kaylynn Young, a lifestyle blogger at

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