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A Night in the Life: Restful Nights and Reassurance

April 13, 2022
This post is part of Owlet's A Night in the Life series, where real parents share their Owlet experience. Click here to view more posts in this popular series. IMG_5764 My name is Heather and I run the blog, Bahorich Abode. My husband and I have a little baby boy, Oliver, and an adorable kitten, Lucy. When we first found out that we were pregnant with baby Ollie, we were very nervous about his wellbeing. After losing a baby months prior, anything that looked abnormal on a sonogram quickly meant to us that we were going to lose him as well. From typical kidney monitoring to a disappearing brain mass, our pregnancy turned us into a couple of worrywarts. I would have never thought that I would have been the mom with a baby oxygen tracker. My primary question while pregnant was "what did I actually need?". I have never wanted to label myself as a minimalist parent; however, while we were preparing for the newest family addition, I had a basic rule. If our baby was not going to use it for more than a couple of months and it costs over $50, we probably did not need it. This really required me to do my research and has allowed our living room not to look like a Babies 'R Us aisle. IMG_5776 Jump forward to bringing our little guy home after a few rough days in the hospital; we could not wait to get a good night's sleep. I had heard of this new monitor on Instagram and the worrier in me had the Owlet on order to see what it was all about. It was on its way to our home, but it had yet to arrive for night one with a newborn. Settling into his bedside bassinet, I spent the majority of the first two nights a complete nervous wreck. Each sigh, squeak, and twitch woke me up in a panic and I ended up sitting there studying his chest to ensure it was moving up and down. Our worrisome instincts had moved from pregnancy to parenthood, and we quickly realized that this baby-in-the-bedroom thing was not sustainable for any of us. I was completely overjoyed on day three of baby Ollie being home to see the mailman carrying the Owlet Monitor to my doorstep. IMG_5787 It has been so reassuring to me that the this technology is present in our nursery and helping us watch over our baby boy. Many of those same noisy sleeping patterns that most babies have do not wake up anymore in the middle of the night. We can also lay in the comfort of our bed and check on his levels without disturbing him or risking waking him up. IMG_5715 As these weeks have turned into months of being a new mom, we have struggled with a defective mattress and a very active sleeper. Both of these things have caused Ollie to wake up on his stomach, face down, and sometimes even pinned in-between the mattress and crib side. Thankful with these incidents, we have never had any red notifications where he has had low oxygen. These moments have only heightened my worry for our baby boy, but knowing that there is an extra lay of monitoring has allowed us to continue to sleep more peacefully as time continues. IMG_5777 I would still consider myself a fairly "minimalistic" parent, not really feeling like we need a whole lot of stuff in our home to keep baby Ollie happy and healthy; however, the Owlet is top on my list of recommendations. It has truly allowed us to have more restful nights and reassurance that our little one is breathing easy. I could not imagine our first-time parent experience without it. IMG_5721 “Restful Nights and Reassurance” is a guest post written by Heather, the blogger and mom behind the blog, Bahorich Abode. Keep up with Heather and baby Ollie on Instagram, @heatherbahorich.

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