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Baby Sleep Tracking + Creating Routines

January 11, 2022

Whether you realize it or not, routines are just as important for babies and children as they are for adults. Whereas a typical adult’s bedtime routine may include taking a shower, dimming bedroom lights, and changing into pajamas, a baby should have a routine of their own as well.

Why is a baby sleep routine important?

A predictable, consistent baby sleep routine provides Baby with stability, and indicates a clear signal that it’s time for them to wind down. A sleep routine supports a baby’s natural circadian rhythm, which is important in helping them distinguish between periods of alertness and periods of rest. Similarly, baby sleep tracking is a way for parents to understand the insights connected with their baby’s schedule and patterns. It’s a great way for parents to understand what’s working and what can be improved in order to ensure better sleep.

If you’re looking for the best baby sleep tracker app or the best baby sleep monitor, look no further. With the Owlet Dream Sock and Dream Duo, you can track your baby’s sleep while developing routines, so you can ensure your baby gets the most (and best) sleep possible.

Let’s take a deeper look at how Owlet’s Dream Sock and Dream Duo can assist you in creating and forming sleep routines for your baby.

The Owlet Dream Sock and Dream Duo

The Owlet Dream Sock and Dream Duo combine the power of Owlet’s award-winning technology and sleep program to empower parents to build better sleep habits from day one.

The Owlet Dream Sock acts as a revolutionary baby monitor that tracks sleep habits and allows parents to assist their baby in real time. The Owlet Duo—consisting of the Dream Sock and Cam video monitor—lets parents see and hear Baby while tracking their sleep habits, thereby improving sleep for both Baby and the whole family.

However, that’s just where our technology starts. It’s not where it ends. Let’s look at exactly how you can use Owlet’s technology as a tool to improve sleep.

Understand your baby’s sleep

When it comes to establishing a baby sleep routine, the first step is to understand how your baby is currently sleeping. After all, it’s important to find the cues and sleep triggers that work for your baby, so that you can replicate those same cues day after day.

By utilizing the Owlet Dream Duo, you’ll gain a breadth of information surrounding your baby’s sleep patterns and quality of sleep. On the Dream App, you’ll be able to detect the amount of time your baby spends awake, in light sleep, and in deep sleep. Likewise, you’ll be able to view other key indicators, such as number of wakings, type of movement, level of noise in the room, room temperature, and humidity level. All of these pieces of information are vital in understanding the type of sleep your baby is currently receiving.

Why exactly is this information so important? Well, if you aren’t able to seek out patterns, you aren’t able to replicate them. And creating a sleep routine is dependent on replicating the ideal sleep triggers and cues that work best for your baby. This is where Owlet’s technology comes in handy.

If, for example, you’re able to see that your baby gets their best nap between 1 and 2 p.m., then you can schedule your day to accommodate your baby’s needs. Likewise, if you notice that your baby received a poor night’s sleep and you decide to make adjustments the following night, you’ll be able to use data and insights to see whether that change improved the quality of your baby’s sleep.

Assist your baby’s sleep in the moment

By using the Dream Sock or Dream Duo and Owlet Dream App, you’ll be able to start recognizing sleep patterns and receiving personalized sleep insights. For example, Owlet’s integrated sleep program will suggest the optimal times for wind down routines, bedtime, and wake times based on what’s worked best for your baby.

Not only that, but the Owlet Dream App will also provide notifications letting you know when your baby is awake, uncomfortable, or unable to sleep soundly. If, for example, your baby usually sleeps best in a low noise room, the Owlet Dream App will notify you if the sleep environment is poor. These notifications allow you to check in and make real-time adjustments so you can ensure better sleep for Baby.

The key to establishing a baby sleep routine is to create the right atmosphere, which can be unique to each individual baby. As you reinforce certain changes and different routines with your baby, you’ll be able to track those changes with the Dream Sock so you can see whether they work or whether you need to make further adjustments.

Build lifelong sleep habits

Although the Owlet Dream Sock and Dream Duo have the capabilities to track sleep, the technology is so much more than that. At Owlet, we aim to help parents build lifelong sleep habits. To achieve this, parents have access to a number of resources that will help improve sleep for both Baby and the whole family.

Weekly newborn tips

Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to parenting and bedtime routines. Additionally, parenting approaches change and adapt based on the age of your newborn. The Owlet Dream App includes a number of skills and insights related to sleep, feeding, parenting support, and child development that progress weekly with the age of your newborn.

For example, parents of newborns can gain insight into adjusting during the postpartum period, learn more about the basics of caring for their newborn, and learn to support Baby’s ability to self-soothe. The tips and skills offered will evolve as Baby continues to grow.

Why the Owlet Dream Sock is effective at creating sleep routines

When it comes down to creating baby sleep routines, it’s a matter of trial and error until you lock in the sweet spot. And that’s where Owlet comes in handy. As you’re making changes and trying new techniques with your baby, you can utilize the Dream Sock and Dream Duo with the Owlet Dream App to see in real-time whether the changes are working and whether you’re making progress.

Yes, the Owlet Dream Sock and Dream Duo tracks sleep. But beyond that, it’s an amazing tool and resource to provide insight and skills to parents who are looking to play an active role in their child’s sleep management. By leveraging Owlet’s technology, you’ll be able to hone in on your baby’s optimal sleep environment so that you can develop a consistent routine and lay the groundwork for a lifetime of healthy sleep habits.

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