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Benefits of Sleep Tracking for Babies

March 18, 2022

One night, your baby might sleep like an angel. The next night, bedtime might feel like pulling teeth. If you’re feeling frustrated because your Baby isn’t sleeping as consistently or as much as you like, there’s a simple solution for you: sleep tracking for babies. Baby sleep tracking is essentially keeping detailed notes of how much sleep your baby is getting, how their sleep is divided up (between naps and nighttime sleep), and the details surrounding their sleep environment.

Why Should I Track Baby’s Sleep?

Regardless of the condition of your baby’s sleep patterns, tracking your baby’s sleep is a great way to stay in control of your baby’s overall well-being. Because babies wake up multiple times throughout the day—both during their daytime naps and nighttime sleep—keeping a diary of your baby’s sleep information can provide you with a sense of peace of mind. Let’s dive deeper into some of the benefits of tracking baby’s sleep.

Benefits of Sleep Tracking

  • Reduces the Stress of Having to Remember All the Important Details. It’s hard enough to remember when your baby woke up and when they went back down for their nap. Try remembering those details when you’re a little sleep deprived and worn down. Let’s face it, there are a LOT of details about your baby’s health and habits. Trying to remember them all on your own is setting yourself up for failure. A baby sleep tracker will remove the pressure and stress, since it will store all of those important details for you.
  • Provide Your Pediatrician with an Accurate Picture of your Baby’s Health. If you pediatrician is trying to assess your baby’s health and asks you questions about the frequency of your baby’s poops, or how often your baby has eaten the past week, or how many times (and how long) your baby’s naps are, you’re likely to come up short without some sort of baby tracking in place. On the contrary, if you’re using a baby sleep tracker, you’ll be able to provide precise answers, which will help your pediatrician better understand your baby’s health and make a more informed suggestion.
  • Tap Into Trends and Predict the Future. No, you won’t actually be able to predict the future. But similar to adults, babies operate well on schedules and routines. And when you’re tapped into your baby’s natural rhythms (such as when they eat, feed, or become tired), you’ll be able to understand and predict their routines and schedules. If, for example, your baby has been taking a nap at 2 p.m. everyday, you can start to plan your day around that specific nap time. This will empower you to feel like you have a bit more control over your schedule and your baby’s routines.
  • Understand What’s Going Wrong. A baby sleep tracker can serve as a cheat sheet to any potential issues or problems that arise. Because of this, you may be able to solve some of your own problems before needing to run to the pediatrician. For example, if your infant is incredibly fussy at a specific time each day, it might be as simple as realizing that a nap should be inserted to break up a long period of “awake” time. Or, if your baby is having a hard time falling asleep at night, you may look at your tracker and realize it’s because she missed a feeding. Some advanced baby monitors, like the Dream Duo, can even track heart rate and oxygen level, providing you with an advanced understanding of your baby’s sleep quality and sleep state.
  • Provide Insight to Caregivers. Is grandma or a babysitter watching your baby for an evening or an extended period of time? Instead of writing down all of the instructions and schedules for them to follow, you can simply share your baby sleep tracker with them. This will provide them with answers to most of their initial questions, and will give them insight into the routine that they should be following. By following the sleep tracker, you’ll ensure that your baby is well cared for while you’re away.

The Dream Sock & Duo: The Ultimate Baby Sleep Tracker

If you’re looking for the best baby sleep tracker on the market, look no further than the Owlet Dream Sock and Dream Duo. The Dream Sock and Dream Duo monitor your child’s Sleep Quality Indicators—such as heart rate and oxygen level— so that you can better understand your child’s needs and routines. As a result, you will be able to play a more active role in your child’s sleep management and help them develop healthy sleep habits that will last a lifetime.

The Dream Sock

The Dream Sock is the only baby monitor to track heart rate and oxygen level as Sleep Quality Indicators. Additionally, it features:

    • Soft fabric socks that wraps around Baby’s foot to monitor their sleep trends

    • Tracking of Sleep Quality Indicators—heart rate, wakings, oxygen level, and movement. The Sock’s monitoring capabilities will inform you when your baby is asleep, awake, uncomfortable, or unable to sleep soundly

    • Owlet Dream App integration, which shows sleep status, sleep history, and sleep quality scores

    • Parenting advice that grows with your child’s age, so you’ll feel confident in your abilities in areas like sleep support, feeding, child development, postpartum adjustment, and more

    • Expert-designed step-by-step sleep program that provides a daily plan and adjusts to your baby’s sleep patterns

The Dream Duo

The award-winning Dream Duo gives you a complete picture of Baby’s sleep by including both the Dream Sock and the motion and environment monitoring of the Owlet Cam. With the Duo, you’ll be able to track the following Sleep Quality Indicators: heart rate, oxygen level, wakings, movement, humidity, room temperature, and noise level. These tracked indicators help provide you with an advanced understanding of your baby’s sleep quality and sleep state, so you can help them get the best sleep possible.

Not only will you learn what to do, but also when to do it. Consider the Dream Duo the ultimate baby sleep tracker.

When it comes to a baby sleep tracker, you want one that is easy to navigate and that provides you with the greatest peace of mind. Likewise, you want to be able to rely on the technology to provide detailed and accurate insights about your baby’s sleep, especially when it comes to heart rate and oxygen level. All of this and more is provided with the Owlet Dream Sock and Dream Duo. Not only will you receive personalized and real-time notifications about your baby’s sleep and overall well-being, but you’ll also enjoy the peace of mind that Owlet’s trusted technology provides.

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