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Creative Ways To Commemorate Your Pregnancy

June 5, 2015
Believe it or not, remembering the details of your pregnancy is a lot harder than you might think. Most would believe that taking 9 months out of your life to grow a baby would be quite memorable, and to a degree it really is, but at the same time it can be so quickly forgotten once you’ve changed a thousand diapers and been woken up a couple dozen times during the night. Sweet babes in arms can somehow so easily dissolve the memories of having them in our bellies! Pregnancy can be a very difficult experience, but also something so beautiful and sacred; it truly is a time to celebrate the miraculous change our bodies are making to bring life into this world! Don’t let those precious nine months slip from your memory or become something of the past. We truly must commemorate and enjoy our pregnancies! Here’s a list of 5 creative ways to do just that!
  1. Belly Casting: What better way to remember your pregnancy than actually keeping a mold of your pregnant belly forever? With the belly casting kits that you can purchase online, you can do just that! If doing it yourself is intimidating there are services that will do it for you, such as artists or doulas. Once you have your mold of your belly, you’ll never forget the size or shape!
  1. Belly Painting/henna: Turn your beautiful pregnant belly into a canvas! Have friends or family create a masterpiece using paint or henna. Snap a picture and remember your belly for a lifetime.
  1. Create a photo book: Document weekly or even daily pictures of your baby bump and turn it into a photo book. Looking back on the size of your belly will bring back lots of good memories of your pregnancy.
  1. Keep a pregnancy journal: Weird cravings, unexpected surprises, smell sensitivities? Write these things down! Take a few minutes each day to jot down the silly, but also the important parts, of pregnancy.
  1. Prenatal photo shoot: Show off that baby bump! Many photographers specialize in prenatal photography and would love to capture that important time in your life. Let loose and show off that beautiful belly bump of yours. Many photographers encourage you to include your spouse to make your photos even more memorable.
Whether you do all five, just one, or create some of your own ideas, remember your pregnancy is beautiful and something that should be celebrated. After your sweet babe has finally arrived, you’ll be able to go back time and time again and recapture the most beautiful moments and memories of your pregnancy. What did YOU do to commemorate your pregnancy?

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