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“Dear Parents” A Letter From Our Founders

April 13, 2022
Owlet began when three dads set out to bring more peace of mind to families of young children. And like any Dad on a mission, they created the award-winning Smart Sock, trusted by over 1.5 million parents. Our three founders — Kurt Workman, Zack Bomsta and Jordan Monroe — have penned a letter to the Owlet parents sharing their continued dedication to helping parents everywhere. Dear parents, In the swift moment when you leave the hospital with your baby, things get real! You entered the hospital with no title yet you left with the greatest title of all — a parent. This overwhelmingly instantaneous transition into parenthood was what inspired us to develop the Owlet Smart Sock. With babies, dads, and families in mind, we set out to help empower parents with the right information at the right time. Though we had the same goal, the three of us worked with our personal experiences as fathers in mind. Kurt was personally motivated by the concerns he had when he and his wife started their family. “With the advances in today’s technology, I knew there had to be a better way to watch over our infants while they slept. It blew my mind that we had the technology to tell me practically everything, except for what was most important to me as a parent.” After a worrisome night with his baby girl, Zack had a chance run-in with Kurt that felt like an answer to his problems and an indicator of his future. “I randomly bumped into my friend, Kurt, on campus in the electrical engineering lab where he was working on a prototype circuit. When he explained to me that he was working on a "smart sock" that would track Baby's heart rate and oxygen level to give parents peace of mind, I immediately got goosebumps because what he was describing resonated so strongly with me as a result of the experience I had with my daughter the night before. I had lived through the pain he was trying to solve. I knew that I had to chip in to help bring his prototype to life and deliver the same peace of mind I was craving to parents everywhere.” From the humble beginnings of Owlet to now, with over 1.5 million parents trusting Owlet, Owlet’s mission burns brightly in the hearts of our company and of Jordan too. “The mission of Owlet was like fire to my bones and today it still is. Almost 9 years later and tears still well up in my eyes when I think about the massive impact we have been able to make on people's lives.” We’ve accomplished so much yet there’s still so much more to come from Owlet. As we continue to grow, we’d love for you to follow along and celebrate with us! We just launched our Instagram @3dadsandaco so give us a follow to keep up with exciting Owlet news and get a look at our lives as dads. We want to thank all the Owlet parents out there for being part of our growing community. You and your families are the reasons we do what we do and we hope your bedtimes have been a little more peaceful and rejuvenating because of Owlet. Wishing you and your little ones the best, Kurt, Jordan and Zack

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Channing Merrell

Hi! I'm Channing and I'm a proud member of the Owlet team!