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Dream Sock vs Dream Sock Plus

March 1, 2022

New parents looking for baby sleep monitors or baby sleep trackers will realize that there are plenty of options in the market for them to choose from. However, what happens if you’re looking for a toddler sleep monitor or a gadget that aids in sleep tracking for toddlers? Unfortunately, some products that are made for babies aren’t meant to work with toddlers, or vice versa. Luckily, that’s not the case with the Owlet Dream Sock and Dream Sock Plus.

At Owlet, our goal is to create products that allow parents to take an active role in the sleep management of their child, regardless of whether that child is a newborn or a few years old. After all, laying the foundation of healthy sleep habits isn’t an overnight task. Instead, those sleep habits develop as your child continues to grow and develop.

Both the Dream Sock and the Dream Sock Plus utilize our award-winning technology to help Baby and the whole family to sleep better. But, what exactly is the difference between these two products? Let’s take a further look at their differences, so you can understand which product is best for you.

The Dream Sock

The Owlet Dream Sock combines the power of Owlet's award-winning technology and sleep program to help both you and Baby start sleeping better right now. Unlike other baby monitors that either don't track sleep or merely make you aware of (and more nervous about) how poorly your baby sleeps, the Owlet Dream Sock actually teaches you what to do and when, helping Baby—and the entire family—sleep better.

The Dream Sock features:

  • Soft fabric socks that wraps around Baby's foot to monitor their sleep trends
  • Sleep quality indicators that will inform you when your baby is asleep, awake, uncomfortable, or unable to sleep soundly
  • Owlet Dream App integration, which shows sleep status, sleep history, and sleep quality scores
  • Parenting advice that grows with your child's age, so you'll feel confident in your abilities in areas like sleep support, feeding, child development, postpartum adjustment, and more
  • A personalized sleep assessment to help you figure out why your baby isn't sleeping through the night
  • Expert-designed step-by-step sleep program that provides a daily plan and adjusts to your baby's sleep patterns

Dream Sock Plus

The Dream Sock Plus contains the same features and award-winning technology as the original Dream Sock (same features listed above). The main difference with this product is the longevity of its usage. Whereas the Dream Sock is meant to track baby’s sleep between 0 and 18 months, the Dream Sock Plus monitor’s a child’s sleep up to 5 years of age (or 55 lbs). Because the Dream Sock Plus offers an additional 42 months of usage, this makes it the ideal product for toddler sleep tracking.

When you purchase the Dream Sock Plus, you’ll receive six fabric socks (as opposed to the four fabric socks you’d receive by purchasing the Dream Sock). These six socks come in a variety of sizes, and are meant to fit children 0-5 years, from 5-55 lbs. You’ll also receive the Dream Sock Plus sensor, a wireless charging Base Station, and access to the Owlet Dream App and Owlet’s sleep learning program.

Because building healthy sleep habits ebbs and flows with a baby’s developmental phases, utilizing the Dream Sock Plus ensures that five year’s worth of sleep trends and insights are captured and analyzed. With that extra longevity, you’ll be able to understand your toddler’s sleep better, assist your toddler in the moment, and ensure that your child is building the strongest foundation when it comes to healthy sleep habits.

The Final Verdict: Dream Sock vs. Dream Sock Plus

Ultimately, although both the Dream Sock and the Dream Sock Plus have similar features, the difference comes down to the longevity of the product. While the Dream Sock is the ideal product for babies given that it monitors sleep trends for babies 0-18 months, the Dream Sock Plus is ideal for both babies and toddlers since it is intended to monitor sleep trends for children aged 0-5 years. If you’re looking for the ultimate toddler sleep monitor, the Dream Sock Plus will provide the best platform for sleep tracking.

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