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Fall Fun To-Do List for Families with a Baby

April 13, 2022
The crisp is in the air, and fall is here. With the changing leaves and cooler temperatures come new opportunities for family fun. And there's no reason you can't include your baby in your activities. Here's a fall fun to-do list for families with a baby.
Visit a pumpkin patch.
This is a great time to pick up pumpkins for the family, and the photo opportunities are endless. Take your pumpkins home for decoration.
Tailgate for your favorite football team.
If football is your thing, tailgating is a great way to participate in the game AND get home in time for baby's bedtime.
Build a fort.
Fall weather can be unpredictable, so a fun way to celebrate the season indoors is to build a cozy fort. Adding a little hot chocolate or cider for you is also a great idea.
Make fall-themed contrast cards.
Visual stimulation is a must for infants, so make it fall-themed by creating pumpkin contrast cards like these. If you have older kids, they can design their own pumpkins and take turns showing them to your baby.
Go to an apple orchard for apple picking.
Apple picking is a classic fall activity. Taking your baby along can make it even more fun. Yes, you may have to tag-team the baby-wearing/stroller monitoring, but you can still have a great time. Bring your camera to document all of the fall amazingness.
Jump in a pile of leaves.
It's simple, yet perfect. Take advantage of all of the leaves in your yard by raking them into piles and jumping on them. Bigger kids will have a blast, and baby can watch or (gently) participate... with your help of course.
Create a fall produce sensory bin.
This is another indoor activity that can be really fun. Find bumpy pumpkins or gourds, dried cornhusks and apples for sensory bin goodness. What are your favorite fall activities?

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