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Helping to Keep Watch Over My Little One

April 13, 2022
This is the an installment of Owlet’s “A Night in the Life” series, featuring real parents sharing their experiences with the Owlet Monitor. Click here to see all blog posts in the series. IMG_2332 Hi! My name is Amy and I work as a labor and delivery nurse. Sometimes I work in the role of the “newborn specialist” in which we are solely responsible for newborn care from delivery until the first two hours of life. If an infant is delivered and respiratory distress of any kind is noticed, we quickly place the infant on a Pulse Oximeter, which is an oxygen saturation machine that measures the amount of oxygen in the blood. Once we get the reading we know whether the baby is getting enough oxygen or if supplemental oxygen is needed. This machine also monitors the baby’s heart rate. I find the machine to be very accurate. With suffocation and breathing issues a leading cause of death to infants, I always wondered if a home version of a hospital grade pulse oximeter was created, would this notify parents to lowering heart rates and oxygen levels in time to react before it is too late? IMG_2349 In May of 2015 we were blessed with our first baby. I had a relatively easy labor and delivery experience and delivered a healthy baby boy named Griffin. Being a new parent is the most amazing feeling in the world, but brings with it an enormous responsibility that you are now completely in charge of this tiny human being. When we brought Griffin home, we found it easier to keep him in the room with us at night. I woke up frequently throughout the night for feedings, but also to check on him to make sure he was breathing ok. I never slept longer than two hours at a time for those first 3 months. I found myself in a fog most days and utterly exhausted. My husband and I agreed that maybe it was time to move him to his crib, thinking this would help us all to sleep more soundly. After we moved him to his room, I only found myself more restless worrying that he would quit breathing and I wouldn’t know. We followed all the tips for safe sleep, but anytime I were to dose off for longer than a two hour stretch I would startle awake in a panic that something was wrong. Luckily this was never the case, but I realized I needed something to help give me a better peace of mind while sleeping. IMG_2433 (1) When I did some internet research and first heard about the Owlet monitor I was ecstatic! It sounded just like the pulse oximeter machine we use in the hospital. I loved the design of the wireless sock and could not wait to get one of my own. This was exactly what we needed! We use a video baby monitor - but you have to be physically awake and looking at it to be able to make sure your infant is ok. I find comfort in the fact that the Owlet works while we sleep, and is designed to notify you (audible enough to wake you) if heart rate or oxygen readings fall out of range. IMG_2341 I wish I would have had this monitor from day one. We LOVE our Owlet. Griffin does not seem to notice the sock at all, and I have slept so much more soundly with the added assurance of Owlet tracking my baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while we sleep. Luckily Griffin’s readings have been in the normal range, with our Owlet monitor only alarming twice when our sock or base station had become disconnected. The sock is easy to apply and comes with different size socks that can grow with your baby. I love how user friendly the Owlet app is and the fact that you can see the readings straight from your phone. This monitor is such a game changer. I highly recommend this product to all parents out there! Thank you so much Owlet for letting this tired new mama now rest peacefully at night knowing Owlet is helping to keep watch over my little one. IMG_2345

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