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How to Be a Supportive Husband During Labor

July 11, 2022

You've waited nine months to meet your child, and now the moment is finally here! . Perhaps you’ve caught your partner Googling “How can my husband be supportive during labor?” Luckily, there are lots of ways you can offer support while your partner gives birth. You simply need to be clued in about their needs and expectations so you can offer the proper help. So future dads, listen up! Below are some ideas on how you can be a supportive husband during labor.

Be Her Advocate.

The last thing you want is to be a husband that’s not supportive during labor. So, the best way to show your support? Be her advocate. Be aware of the birth plan in advance, and know what your spouse's expectations are. Make sure you're communicating with the nurses and doctors involved in her care, and speak up when necessary. And feel free to ask your own questions if you're feeling unsure about what's happening.

Document, Document, Document!

Trust me, your wife will want to see some documentation of her labor and delivery after the baby arrives. But chances are she’ll be so caught up in the moment (or exhausted from the delivery) that she might not remember to grab her iPhone to document the occasion. So whether it's filming, taking photos or a combination of both, try to capture the moments that you think will be meaningful to her and to you. Bonus points if you ask her beforehand exactly what she wants to be documented. If she requests no photos, then making sure you respect her wishes will show her that you've listened to her and want to be aware of her needs.

Support Her Emotionally and Physically.

Support can be in the form of holding her hand, giving a back massage, or giving her a pep talk (or knowing when NOT to give her a pep talk). It's bringing a game to play once she's had her epidural, or steeling yourself to help her through a drug-free birth. It's making sure her favorite playlist (and a backup charger) is ready to go. Whatever you can do to help your partner through delivery will be appreciated and well-received.

Help Mama and Baby Postpartum.

If your partner is planning on breastfeeding, it's best for her to give the first feeding soon after birth. So come prepared with some knowledge and be ready to offer a helping hand, if it's requested. You can also help bathe your baby for the first time while your wife is recovering. You can also take this quieter time to notify friends and family of your child's birth, and manage the flow of visitors according to your partner's wishes.

Show Some Love.

Once your baby is here and your spouse is recovering, take the opportunity to spoil her a little bit. Bring an arrangement of her favorite flowers, or takeout from her favorite restaurant. Be thoughtful and try to celebrate this wonderful moment. She will definitely appreciate it.

Although the labor and delivery process can seem intimidating, it also provides you with an awesome opportunity to be a supportive husband and show your partner just how much you care. By being an active participant in the birth of your child, you’ll create memories that will last a lifetime and make your partner feel incredibly valued and important. That’s what we call a win-win!

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