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How To Use Your New Owlet Cam 2

August 16, 2022

Our new Cam 2 is fully loaded with features to help make parenting that much easier. Now with video clips, cry notifications, and Predictive Sleep Technology through the Owlet Dream App, the Owlet Cam is better than ever. These new features will not only help ease your parenting journey, but will support you with educational resources to help you learn your baby’s behaviors and needs as they grow and develop.

To have the best experience with your Owlet Cam 2, here are some tips & tricks to get the most out of these new features.


To get notifications when crying, sound, or motion are detected in Baby’s room, be sure that notifications are enabled on the home screen by clicking the toggle shown below. The sensitivity of each notification — meaning how easily a notification can be triggered — can be adjusted by you in the Dream App settings, based on your preferences

Video Clips

Once notifications are enabled, it’s time to turn on video clips! Click the gear icon to access the Dream App settings. Click “record a video clip” for each type of notification you’d like. These can be adjusted at any time. In the example here, video clips are only enabled for when crying is detected in Baby’s room.

Video clips will be stored in the Dream App for 7 days before they are automatically deleted, so if there are any you’d like to save, be sure to download them to your device.

Two-Way Talk & Background Audio

There are two icons on the video screen: A speaker and A microphone. These icons are there to use the background audio & two-way talk features of your Cam.

Background audio allows your phone to play the sounds of your baby’s room out loud, while you use your phone for other tasks, or while you aren’t actively looking at your phone. To turn this on, touch the speaker icon on your video stream. You can also toggle between having Background Audio on or off by clicking the down arrow next to the “Cam Audio” section on the home screen.

Two-way talk allows you to speak to or soothe your baby without entering the room. To use this feature, tap the microphone icon on your video screen. Speak into the phone, and then tap the icon again to turn it off. Be sure to tap that icon again when you are done communicating with your baby, so that noise does not continue to feed into Baby’s room. When the microphone has a green circle around it, two-walk talk is ON and Baby will hear sounds from you or anything near your device.

Cam Status Light

To turn the status light on the front of your Cam on or off, open your Owlet App, go to the account tab and under “My Owlet Devices,” select the device, and toggle the status light on or off.

Predictive Sleep

Owlet Cam users who don’t have a Sock can tap into the new Predictive Sleep Technology by manually adding in sleep sessions into the Dream App. From there, the Dream App will let parents know when the next optimal sleep window will be for Baby.

Sharing Access to Your Video Stream

Up to four devices can access a single Dream App account at once. In order to do this, create a username and password that you are comfortable sharing with your co-parent, caregivers, and family, and share access to your stream.

Have questions on your new Owlet nursery Cam? Contact us at and we’ll be happy to help!

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