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Why Men Should Be Network Marketers

July 2, 2015

Let’s face it: the world of network marketing is a woman-driven industry.

I cannot even begin to count the number of parties and events I’ve been invited to for sticker nails, fiberoptic eyelashes, weight loss bands that really work!, the most comfortable maxi skirts ever created, magic potions to make my hair and nails grow 40x longer overnight, etc. I've gone to my fair share of these parties and I like to try some of the things I think are cute and useful.

But I’ve realized something: my husband never gets invites to stuff like this.

And you know, I’ve never heard any of my husband’s buddies say, “Hey man, you know I got this awesome wrap I wear at night sometimes and I swear, in like 2 weeks it’s like all of my belly fat just melted off. If you wanted we could get some of the guys together sometime at your place and I could show you how it works.”

Not gonna happen.

But why not?

The network marketing companies I hear most about are for fingernail stickers, makeup, weight-loss products, skin and hair care products, clothing, and kitchen or organizational items. Guess how much my husband cares about any of those things?


But I thought about it and realized men are missing out on some huge potential for earning a 6-figure income in 6 months or less with a small startup cost, all from the comfort of their own home without leaving their couch or changing out of their pajamas (or something like that).

(And no, I'm not making fun of my network marketing friends. So many of these businesses just have similar pitches and business models so it's easy to satirize the network marketing industry. I support all of my friends who are pursuing their passions and are happy :) )

So if men were to start network marketing, here are the industries I think would be the most successful, based on the products that are marketed toward women in the current network marketing world:

  • Fishing supplies
  • Protein supplements
  • Grilling equipment
  • Sports teams’ paraphernalia

Alright men, here are the ways to get these direct-sales opportunities that you’ve been missing out on, and how to get all of your friends, family members, work acquaintances, fellow church members, the people behind you in line at the grocery store, and that person you bought a couch from off Craigslist last week to join you on your journey to personal and financial freedom!

Fishing supplies

Similar to makeup or sticker nails, you can never have enough fishing supplies to choose from, and it’s always fun to try new ones! So a great way to build up that stock of fishing gear while getting that eager, Christmas-morning feeling is with monthly fish-bags! That’s right, every month you can get a glam fish bag sent right to your doorstep with new kinds of bait and little fake bugs to try!

And… if you get just 30 of your closest online friends to sign up, you can get your fish bag for free!

Those poor, unsuspecting fish don’t stand a chance with the fish-bag!

Protein supplements

Those muscles aren’t going to bulk up on their own, boys! Get swole while making dough by signing up for the 31-day protein power program! After just 31 days of consistently drinking the same protein drink, cutting out everything else from your diet, and lifting weights 3x per day, you’ll be amazed at how much weight you’ve lost and how much more definition you’ll have!

... So amazed, in fact, that you’ll be ready to quit your full-time job just to promote this amazing, life-changing product! And once you’ve sold $10,000 worth of protein supplements, your $30 monthly fee will be waived! Get on the ground floor of this and the residual income will be UNREAL!

Grilling equipment

You can’t just use ANY run-of-the-mill grilling equipment to serve up your favorite greasy, fatty meats. No, no, no, no, no, you need premium, diamond-plated, self-cleaning, camouflage, Chuck Norris-endorsed grilling equipment! You’ll love this stuff so much that you’ll want to buy some for all of your charred-meat loving friends.

... And you know, when you find a product you love SO MUCH and are promoting anyway, you might as well get paid to use it! Maybe you’ve heard of those women who earn free cars for selling the products they love so much? Well, free cars are old news. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with that old Ford Ranger you’ve been driving since high school, that has cost more to fix than the cost of a new car that gets more than 8PMG, and could actually seat the kids.

What we all really want is cold, hard, CASH! By building your team of serious grill-enthusiasts, the earning potential is unlimited! (Don't forget to post about your new exciting opportunity on social media 3x per day and always be on the lookout for old high school friends to recruit!)

Sports team paraphernalia

Sell something that will never go out of style! We all know you'll wear a good jersey into the ground, and maybe even forego ever washing it if it proved to be the good luck charm that won your team the super bowl. But a good, quality jersey can be so expensive these days and you can’t shame the Lakers by wearing a flimsy knock-off at the big game, how embarrassing.

Now, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for cost by becoming a Sports Paraphernalia consultant! You know all of your friends wouldn't hesitate to support you and your passion, and they’re all interested in sports, anyways.

All you have to do is throw a fun party and let them see just how great this stuff is! Kick out the wife and kids for the night, stock up the fridge and transform your bathroom and guest bedroom into a dressing LOCKER! room, and let the fun begin! And since your friends obviously all want excessive sports paraphernalia and also obviously want to support you in your passion, invite them all to host their own parties so they can earn rewards, too! If you can get a few of your serious, motivated, self-starter friends to join your team and start investing in their passion, imagine the financial freedom and lives you can change!

Author Bio

Angela Silva

Angela graduated with her B.S. in Exercise and Wellness and is a NASM certified personal trainer who specializes in postpartum fitness and recovery. She enjoys writing, cracking jokes, and spending time with her family, preferably while fishing. She shares many of her life adventures on Instagram as @angelagrams