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Introducing the NEW Owlet Cam 2

July 13, 2022

Cam 1 Vs Cam 2

Parents asked and Owlet answered! Our new Cam 2 is fully loaded with features to help make parenting that much easier. Cam 2 is sleek and stylish and will seamlessly fit in your nursery with different color options. You will still be able to enjoy the features you loved from Cam 1 but now also have video clips, cry notifications, and Predictive Sleep Technology through the Owlet Dream App. These new features will not only help ease your parenting journey, but will support you with educational resources to help you learn your baby’s behaviors and needs as they grow and develop.

Predictive Sleep Technology

A baby’s sleep pressure builds throughout the day much faster than an adult’s, which is why they need frequent naps to help relieve that pressure. Predictive Sleep helps you identify when your baby is ready for their next nap or bedtime. Predictive Sleep takes into consideration your baby’s age and the length of their last nap or overnight sleep to calculate the time when they should be ready for sleep again.

Cam users are able to manually log your baby’s sleep sessions in the Dream App, and Predictive Sleep Technology will follow your baby’s developmental stage and knowing the length of their last nap, Predictive Sleep calculates when their sleep pressure has built up just enough to be ready for sleep but not yet overtired. A baby who is overtired will have a harder time settling down for sleep1.

Predictive Sleep also helps you recognize when your baby should start to show their own sleepy cues. Watch your baby’s body language and sleepy cues for behaviors such as rubbing their eyes, big yawns, or acting extra fussy. You should always follow your baby’s cues, and knowing what to look for will help you navigate through sleep regressions and developmental milestones.

Cry Notifications

Babies are noisy sleepers. We don’t need to hear all of their little sounds. The all-new Cry notifications in the Owlet Cam 2 cut through the baby grunts and gas and wiggles to let you know when your baby may need you. Get back those extra moments of sleep by filtering out the noises you don’t need to respond to and having the peace of mind that you will be notified when your baby needs your support. If you’re getting too many notifications or not enough based on your baby’s personalized needs and noise activity, you can adjust the sensitivity level within the Dream App to match your family’s needs.

Video Clips

Crying isn’t the only way our babies communicate with us, they have many different cues asking for all sorts of things to meet their needs. When your baby is in the other room, you might miss these cues that tell us what they need so when they start crying, it’s not completely clear what they are crying about! But with Cam 2’s video clips, you have the advantage of looking at what your baby was doing right before they were crying. Were they chewing on their hands and smacking their little lips? Then your baby may be hungry!

Babies are notorious for being noisy sleepers and can even cry in their sleep. Reviewing the moments right before they cry may save you from accidentally waking them up when you respond to them. Cam 2 saves video clips for 7 days and downloadable clips help you capture memories, like those early morning giggles and smiles.


Author Bio

Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith is a Registered Sleep Specialist and Newborn Care Educator with specialties in Baby Sleep Training, Lactation Support, and Care of Preemies and Multiples. She has over a decade of clinical experience in sleep medicine offering guidance in Behavioral and Sleep Hygiene practices. Michelle is a mom of twin girls and a boy close in age. At one point she had three occupied cribs in her home and quickly realized how important it is to build healthy sleep habits in the newborn to toddler stages and how critical that can be for parents’ survival and sanity. She has chosen to focus her career on proactive sleep solutions for chronically sleep-deprived families.