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Introducing the New Owlet Dream Sock

December 8, 2021

At Owlet, we’re committed to supporting parents by offering innovative products that bring you more peace of mind in the parenting journey. One of our main areas of focus: Sleep solutions for babies. We believe that when parents take an active role in their baby’s sleep management, they can build healthy sleep habits from day one. And when Baby sleeps better, the whole family sleeps better!

Looking for the best baby sleep solution? Look no further. We’ve combined our award-winning technology with our innovative sleep program and added even more features and value for parents to get the sleep they’ve dreamed of! We are excited to announce our newest addition: the Dream Sock and Dream Duo. Weary parents, get ready to kiss your frustrated, sleepless nights goodbye.

The Dream Sock

The Owlet Dream Sock is a revolutionary baby sleep monitor that empowers you to understand your baby’s sleep, assist your baby in real-time, and build healthy sleep habits from day one.

Features you’ll love:

  • Comfortable fabric sock that wraps around Baby’s foot with our award-winning sensor to track baby’s sleep
  • Real-time sleep quality indicators, such as wakings, heart rate, movement and activity help you know what’s going on with your child’s sleep
  • Communication with Owlet Dream app to display sleep status, sleep history, and sleep quality scores
  • Weekly parenting tips that progress with the age of your baby, empowering you with skills related to feeding, sleep support, postpartum adjustment, child development, and more!
  • Personalized, step-by-step learning program designed by experts, that provides a daily schedule and adjusts to your child’s actual sleep patterns

The Dream Duo

The Owlet Dream Duo includes both the Dream Sock and the Cam video baby monitor. Not only does the Duo allow parents to see and hear Baby, but it also tracks sleep habits and offers insight to improve sleep for Baby and the whole family.

Features you’ll love:

  • Secure, HD video streaming with night vision directly to your device, from anywhere over a secure, private connection
  • Real-time sleep prompts that inform you when your baby is asleep, awake, uncomfortable, or unable to sleep soundly
  • Communication with Owlet Dream app to display sleep status, sleep history, and sleep quality scores with live audio & video
  • Weekly parenting tips that empower you with skills and confidence as your baby grows
  • Personalized, adaptable sleep schedule and our award-winning sleep program designed by experts

The Dream Sock and Dream Duo empower parents to learn and better understand Baby's needs. We hope that parents experience more confidence in their choices, more support while facing new challenges, and more joy and peace of mind throughout the entire parenting journey.

Available only in the US.

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