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Kitten memes that sum up motherhood

August 19, 2016

Cats are notorious for their ability to display many emotions in a short period of time. As it turns out, cats and moms have that in common. One minute your kid is being the most perfect, adorable child on the planet, and the next minute they're peeing behind the neighbor's bush. It's hard to keep up, so no matter where you're at in your journey of motherhood, take a break to laugh at these kitten memes that sum up motherhood.

  1. When it's 1 in the morning and you've already drank 4 glasses of milk but your body won't rest until it drinks more, you know you have to pull out all the sweetness to get your man to take care of you. And he'll comply, because like cats, it doesn't take much for the claws to come out.
pregnancy craving

2. When you're running errands and your baby has been crying the whole time, but falls asleep 5 minutes before you get home.

baby crying in car

3. When your kids don't quite grasp the concept of "sleeping in,"

angry cat

4. When your friends plan a girls night, but you're sad at the thought of leaving your kids for that long.

go out but miss kids

5. When it's been a long day and you need a chocolate fix, chocolate chips are a mom must-have. But when those run out - you're in trouble.

chocolate gone

6. When you have to eat said chocolate secret-agent style so your kids don't scream and eat it all.

i didn't choose the mom life

7. When it's been a long day and you finally get to have some adult time, but then you hear tiny footsteps coming down the hall.

kid wakes up

8. When you catch your kids red-handed, and they know there's no talking their way out of it.

kids in trouble

9. When someone mom-shames your friend online, and you and all of your other friends band together to defend your own.

mom shame sticking up for

10. How you look at your husband when he comes home after you've had a particularly rough day with the kids.

get the kids

11. The first place moms go when they get some time to themselves: Target.

solo target trip

12. When you could set the record for "fastest bathroom break" because you know the havoc your toddler can wreak in only a few minutes.

toddler mess

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Angela Silva

Angela graduated with her B.S. in Exercise and Wellness and is a NASM certified personal trainer who specializes in postpartum fitness and recovery. She enjoys writing, cracking jokes, and spending time with her family, preferably while fishing. She shares many of her life adventures on Instagram as @angelagrams