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Mom Crushes

February 10, 2021

The secret is out: we’ve got a crush on all you mamas out there! To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we connected with some mamas we think are absolutely crushing the mom game.

Sy’Vone Murphy (@justgotmurphyd)

A strong mama who never stops, Sy’Vone loves the journey that comes with being a mom to two little girls (go girl moms!)

What were you most excited about being a mom?

mom cr“Being a mom was always something I knew I wanted in my future and it wasn’t long after I got married that we decided to “start trying.” At first I would’ve probably told you that what made me most excited was the act of being a mom itself: simply just having a baby, but now I would say the thing I’m most excited about is carrying and bringing forth life, watching coos turn into babbles that soon lead to words. Watching those chunky thighs begin to scoot, crawl, then walk. I’m excited to teach my children how to love and live, not under the presence of this world but for a greater purpose. I am excited to show them their worth and allow them to discover who they are. I am excited to raise babes that will change the world!”

What are you doing for yourself to find sanity? How do you practice self-care?

“Self care. Man what a tough thing to figure out as a mom! Honestly, sometimes my self care looks like taking a shower after three days of putting it off. Sometimes self care is allowing myself to turn off my brain for a bit and snuggle that sweet baby while watching Frozen for the 10,000th time. I think my favorite self care isn’t the time I take to do something away from my daughter, but when I include her in everyday tasks. Watching her face light up when she realizes all that she is capable of, that is when I feel the most joyous, those are the moments that my soul is restored!”

How has motherhood changed you?

“Motherhood has definitely given me more of an outlook on other perspectives. It’s made me stop and think about the thoughts or reasons behind people’s actions. Motherhood has a way of gently breaking down the prideful persona that you once carried and showing you your true self. Under all of what we are trying to be, motherhood finds a way of showing us that we are the greatest thing that we could ever be, we are someone’s MOM.”

Anna Lyn Cook (@annalyncook)

Anna is a mom of one (with a baby girl on the way!), and loves being a comfortable refuge for her little one.

What’s your favorite thing about motherhood?

“There is a special kind of joy that comes from the knowledge that I am my son's safe place. When he's hurt or sad or scared, he comes to me for comfort and it warms my heart and makes me feel so needed. I love being able to provide that for him, and the way it fulfills me as a person. It's one of my favorite parts of motherhood!”

How has motherhood changed you?

“Being a mother has made me more loving and gentle. Being with my little boy and his sweet spirit all the time has made me softer, more patient, and more affectionate.”

What’s one thing you would say to other mamas?

“Motherhood is such a unique experience for everyone, and some things that come naturally to one woman won't to another. But no matter what, we all have qualities that are blessings in the lives of our families and learning to see these in ourselves and magnify them is a beautiful part of the journey.”

Alexa Buffington (@lexbuff)

Navigating the joy of raising three little ones, Alexa focuses on the beautiful growth that comes with motherhood.

What’s your favorite thing about motherhood?

"My favorite thing about motherhood is the way it has pushed me to grow and change for the better every day. I am in this constant state of becoming what my kids need me to be, and I love that. It is constant progress, constant self improvement so that I can be my best self for them!"

What are you doing for yourself to find sanity? How do you practice self-care?

"For self care I love to have a few hours to myself after I put the kids down for the night. I’ll grab a treat and catch up on a show, or find a new movie!"

What’s one thing you would say to other mamas?

"To new moms I would just let them know that we are all winging it! Whether it’s kid number one or number 5, we are flying by the seat of our pants just like you! Doing our best and taking it one day at a time is all we can do!"

We love hearing all your inspiring thoughts on motherhood. Tell us: what does motherhood mean to you?