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Must-Have Winter Maternity Wear

January 9, 2017

Unless you live in a temperate climate, winter has probably hit with full force. I've already shared some of my favorite maternity dresses for holiday parties and beyond, and today I'm sharing even more great maternity wear items that can take you through the winter months. Check out all thirteen of my must-have maternity wear items below.

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1. Faux fur lined parka ($69.99) available at H&M

This coat is fashionable, yet functional because it can grow with your bump. The drawstring at the waist provides just the right amount of tightness, to tailor to your body. Also, if you ask me, faux fur is ALWAYS a great idea.

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2. Knit sweater ($24.99) available at H&M

This is the perfect everyday sweater. It's neutral, has great lines and is super cozy. I also see this as a great transitional piece that you could also wear postpartum.

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3. Bomber jacket ($76.00) available at ASOS

Bombers are all the rage right now, so why not get one that highlights your pregnancy? Personally, I love experimenting with different maternity fashions, and this trendy item would so be on my list.

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4. Velvet ruffle top ($46.00) available at ASOS

Speaking of trends, velvet is so hot right now. I think this top is great for those who like to have fun with fashion. Plus velvet is really comfortable, so there's that too.

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5. Cable knit tights ($18.50) available at ASOS

Never underestimate the importance of great maternity tights. With a stomach-supporting panel. (You can thank me later.)

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6. Paige maternity jeans ($199.00) available at Paige Denim

Hear me out on this one. I know these jeans are expensive, but they are so worth it! A great pair of maternity jeans can take you through your whole pregnancy, and also be great for your body after baby is born. It's an investment, for sure, but if you wear them every day, you're definitely going to get a bang for your buck.


7. Knit cardigan ($34.99) available at H&M

Does the fact that this looks like a robe make you really excited? Just me? Because the coziness potential of this cardigan is endless.


8. Cable knit sweater($36.94) available at Old Navy

You can't go wrong with a classic cable knit. You just can't. And with three colors to choose from, there's something for everyone.

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11. Oversized hoodie ($43.00) available at ASOS

Doesn't everyone need the perfect hoodie, pregnant or not? I love the proportions and color of this option, and think it'd pair well with anything from jeans to your favorite yoga pants.

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12. Washed skinny jeans ($38.00) available at ASOS

I like the lived-in look of these jeans. I think the color is perfect for winter, and they have a great everyday casual look about them that would work well as a maternity wear staple. Also, the price is pretty budget-friendly.

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13. Cable knit cardigan ($79.95) available at Gap

The open-front styling of this pick means you can wear it whilst pregnant, and also when you're not. I'm all for versatile pieces that aren't necessarily maternity-specific.

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14. Western chambray shirt ($59.95) available at Gap

I still have a soft spot in my heart for chambray, and this particular shirt is super soft and doesn't wrinkle. It's a win-win, really.

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