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Owlet Review | Q&A With an Owlet Mom

April 13, 2022
["Alyssa, mom to the ever\u00ad-so-\u00adhandsome Teddy and blogger behind The Very Happy Pear<\/a>, is checking in and sharing an update on her Owlet experience. Check out her first post, A Night in the Life With Owlet here<\/a>, and be sure to dive into her candid Q&A and Owlet review below. <\/em>\n\nThings have changed a lot around this place since I last checked in! For one, Teddy is army crawling all over our apartment. His polite chuckle has developed into a rolling laugh. He's starting to eat more solid foods, and praise the heavens he's getting a little better at sleeping through the night!\n\nHey remember this post<\/a> I wrote giving an introduction to Owlet? Since I shared it, I've been sent a few messages from friends and family asking about our experience with Owlet at this point in Teddy's life. We've had it in our home for several months now, so I'm answering some common questions I've gotten. Take it or leave it.\n\n\n\nQ: \"I like the idea behind the Owlet, but I'm worried that I'll get dependent on it, and will feel anxiety\/stress anytime my baby is sleeping and not wearing the sock. Did you ever feel like this at all?\"<\/em><\/strong>\n\nA: I worried about this too, big time. It didn't end up being an issue for me, but there was one night over the holidays that I did get annoyed with myself for not putting the sock on teddy, because the door to the room he was sleeping in was squeaky, and instead of checking in on him (and potentially waking him up with the noisy door), I could've used the app on my phone to be sure his levels were all normal. I didn't feel anxious about him so much as frustrated that I didn't have access to the convenience that the app offers.\n\nQ: My baby has a really fat foot, and I'm not sure the sock will fit it. Do they make special sizes?<\/strong><\/em>\n\nA: This one made me laugh out loud, ha! I love a good chubby baby foot. When you get your Owlet package, there are three different sock sizes that you'll receive. Teddy's feet are big for his age, and he's still only on the second sock right now.\n\n

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