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Popular Baby Names for 2016

April 13, 2022
Have you always known what name(s) you wanted to name your future baby? If so, consider yourself lucky. For some parents, naming can be difficult. We’re sure you’ve racked your brain with names of your favorite literature characters, authors, relatives, or muses from favorite songs or pieces of art. But, if those names still don’t get you excited, hopefully this article will help. According to online research, these are the top trending baby names for 2016. We’ll start with the boy names, in alphabetical order: Alexander Andrew Archer Arthur Aryan Asher Atticus August Austin Axel Beau Beckett Benjamin Bennett Bodhi Caleb Callum Charles Charlie Daniel Dashiell David Declan Eli Elijah Elliot Emmett Ethan Everett Ezra Felix Finn Gabriel George Graham Grayson Griffin Harrison Henry Hudson Hugo Isaac Jack Jackson Jacob James Jasper Jayden John Jonah Josiah Jude Julian Kai Knox Lachlan Leo Levi Liam Lincoln Logan Luca Lucas Luke Maddox Matthew Maxwell Miles Milo Nathan Nathaniel Nicholas Noah Nolan Oliver Oscar Owen Rhys Roman Ronan Rowan Ryder Ryker Samuel Sawyer Sebastian Silas Simon Soren Theo Theodore Thomas Tobias Wesley Weston William Wyatt Xavier Zachary Zane Or, if you’re seeing pink, here are the top trending baby girl names for 2016: Abigail Ada Adelaide Adeline Alice Amelia Anna Annabelle Arabella Aria Audrey Aurelia Aurora Ava Beatrice Caroline Charlotte Chloe Claire Clara Clementine Cora Cordelia Daisy Eden Eleanor Eliana Eliza Elizabeth Ella Ellie Elodie Eloise Emilia Emily Emma Emmeline Esme Evangeline Evelyn Everly Evie Florence Gemma Genevieve Grace Hadley Hannah Harlow Harper Hazel Imogen Iris Isabel Isabella Isla Ivy Jane Josephine Julia Juliet Khaleesi Lila Lily Lola Lucy Luna Lydia Mabel Madeline Mae Maeve Margaret Matilda Maya Mia Mila Nora Nova Olive Olivia Penelope Piper Poppy Quinn Rose Ruby Sadie Scarlett Seraphina Sienna Sloane Sophia Stella Thea Violet Willow Wren Zoe Did any names stand out for you? We hope so! Either way, good luck picking a name for your little miracle. Let's give our readers extra help! What are your babies names?

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Lacey Pappas

Mother of 2 silly boys and a new baby girl. Happily married. Love to laugh, inspire others, take pretty photos, and curl up with a good book.