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Pros and cons of revealing your baby's name early

February 10, 2016

Naming a baby is such an important part of pregnancy. You’ll most likely be thinking about all of the name possibilities throughout your pregnancy. If you are one of those parents that already, without a doubt, know what your baby will be named, should you keep it to yourself or share their name? We’ll highlight the pros and cons of each decision in this article.


You may not have realized it, but there are plenty of pros to revealing your baby’s name before birth. If you are pretty territorial when it comes to baby names, and just do not like the fact that someone could possibly steal “your name,” by all means, share your name early on. That way you’ll already have a name attributed to your baby, so others most likely will not use it.

If you get showered before your baby comes, share what the name for your baby will be with party-goers. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get the perfect nursery décor of your baby’s name, or a onesie with baby’s name on it. Either way, if you share what your baby’s name is early, you might just get plenty of customized gifts perfect for you and baby.

If this is your second or even third pregnancy, you’ll have curious older siblings who will want a name for their new sibling. So, to really get your family both physically and emotionally ready for a new sibling, why not tell them what their new brother or sister’s name will be? Then, they’ll have all of your pregnancy to get used to what their new sibling will be called.


If you already haven’t, we’re sure that everyone asks you “Do you know what you’re naming the baby?” while pregnant. Additionally, we’re sure you’ve also noticed that everyone has an opinion- everyone!- when it comes to baby names. So be prepared that if your great-aunt isn’t crazy for your top name picks, you will probably hear all about. And, this could possibly change the way you ultimately feel about that name that you initially fell in love with.

For many parents, one look at your baby helps determine what their name really should be. Fran or Sophia? Darker hair may just help parents determine that yes, this baby girl IS a Sophia! So, if you are battling between 2 or 3 names, it may be helpful to wait to see the baby’s face before you fully commit to a name.

If you choose a name early on, and tell everyone what the baby’s name will be, you may feel stuck and feel like you are unable to change your mind on the name. But, what if your baby really, REALLY does not look like an Aiden? And yet you have baby’s name decorated all over their nursery? You definitely don’t want to feel obligated to use a name that you no longer love or adore!

Surprise! Isn’t it fun to share some BIG news with those you love? The same can go with a baby’s name. So, if you share what the baby’s name is early on, you will miss this little piece of a surprise element.These are just some of the pros and cons to sharing your baby’s name. Ultimately, the choice is yours. If you are excited about your baby’s name, and love talking about it, by all means, share away! Or, if you still are not sure what you want your baby’s name to be called for the rest of their life, give yourself more time throughout the pregnancy by keeping your choices between you and your significant other.

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Mother of 2 silly boys and a new baby girl. Happily married. Love to laugh, inspire others, take pretty photos, and curl up with a good book.