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Relatable Parenting Tweets

May 23, 2022

If you're a parent, then you know that parenting can be both wonderful and challenging. And sometimes, it's nice to just read something that confirms that you're not alone in your struggles! These days, a lot of parents are turning to Twitter to share their thoughts on parenting. Here are some hilarious tweets that will make every parent laugh and nod in agreement.

Source: @twisteddoodles

Source: @familiesmatter

It took my toddler so long to pick a spoon for dinner, she forgot what she was doing, I forgot what I was doing, and we just stood there staring at each other until she left.

Source: @BunAndLeggings

I look at my 4 mo and I think, "wow, that baby is going places!" And I don't mean in the future. I mean she is scooting out of the rocker I just put her in.

Source: @CarlosGarbiras

When a kid asks a sibling to play a game of tag, they're basically asking if their sibling wants to take a jog that ends in a fight.

Source: @ParentNormal

What do you mean the project is DUE TOMORROW?! - a parenting memoir

Source: @IDontSpeakWhine

If you’re wondering what parenting is like, my 4-year-old just threw a tantrum and told me to go away and then threw a second tantrum because I went away.

Source: @thedad

Being a parent apparently means buying stuff in bulk.

Source: @harikondabolu

As long as you sing to the tune of "You Are my Sunshine," you can literally say anything you want to a baby. I just vented all my frustrations and she still fell asleep. Best therapy ever.

Source: @mommy_cusses

I don’t ride a peloton but I have gotten three kids dressed and out the door to school on time, so same.

Source: @LMemeit

No one in the world is more delusional than a parent who says they’re going to bed early tonight.

Source: @kristabellerina

My first grader put me in time out. I asked how long I have to sit in silence. He said the rest of the day. Friends, time out is glorious.

Source: @smiles_and_nods

Kids will straight up lie to your face to get another snack

Source: @kevinthedad

Before having a kid the most important thing to ask yourself is “Am I ready to watch the exact same cartoon on repeat for the next 4 years?”

Source: @robfee

Source: @The_School_Run

Ppl w babies: I don’t see why people stop traveling when they have kids! You can just strap the baby in and GO hiking! Grab a stroller, fly to Europe, it’s really all in your mindset. Those ppl a year later w a toddler: it only took us 23 mins to get down the stairs this morning.

Source: @clhubes

Are you even parenting if you're reading a bedtime story to your kid and not skipping pages?

Source: @milifeasdad

My kid just tried to win an argument with "Because I said so" and I had to break it to him that only parents get to win by saying that.

Source: IDontSpeakWhine

One of the joys of parenting is being scared by a low-battery toy screaming in middle of the night like no horror film ever will.

Source: @drnelk

The parenting books didn’t prepare me for how many stuffed animals I’d have to put to bed.

Source: @kidversations_

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