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Six of the Best Maternity Swimsuits

July 26, 2016

Shopping for swimwear can be difficult, even under the best of circumstances. Whether it’s finding items that accommodate your extra long torso, or your petite frame, or your, ahem, ample bosom (or, in my case, the lack thereof), it can be tough out there for finding swimwear. This is especially true during pregnancy, when you have a burgeoning belly (and body) to consider, on top of all of your other assets.

I’ve found six of the best maternity swimsuits, all of which tackle different swimwear categories and are at various price points. Let’s get started…

Best maternity swimwear

1. The best bang for your buck

You. Guys. I found the cutest maternity suit at H&M, and it’s UNDER $30. I mean, I kind of wish I was pregnant so I could rock this swimming suit. Because it’s fashionable, cut perfectly and would make any pregnant mama look amazing.

2. The best one piece

This one piece is a great, timeless option that is sure to wow. The adjustable halter neck will help you achieve the perfect fit, and there are lightly padded cups to help with support. Plus, the subtle ruching will allow the suit to grow with your changing body.

3. The best tankini

This color-blocked tankini is another suit that I wish I could wear not pregnant. It’s a sporty and stylish option that doesn’t scream “maternity!” It doesn’t have the stereotypical “maternity ruching,” so I feel like it has great transitional appeal. You could also wear this postpartum, and no one would be the wiser.

4. The best bikini

I love the bikini trend that is happening amongst pregnant mamas. I think it’s wonderful to celebrate your beautiful body and belly, though I realize it’s not for everyone. One of the main advantages of wearing bikinis during pregnancy is that you don’t necessarily have to purchase a maternity suit. You can wear your existing suits or buy another suit you’ve had your eye one that will work post-pregnancy. I like this high-necked version because it gives you a little more sun coverage, and a lot more chest support.

5. The best for your burgeoning belly

This ruched tankini is a great option to purchase if you’re planning on wearing a swimming suit throughout your pregnancy. Much like maternity tees and dresses that incorporate ruching, this swimming suit will allow for more give and growing room. Plus, the little keyhole detail in the front is fashionable and fun. (It’s also way on sale right now, so… get on it!)

Another suggestion, if you’re comfortable with it, is to rock a bikini with great chest support, like the one I highlighted for #4. (Because obviously, if you’re not covering your belly, it can get as big as it wants and it won’t stretch out your suit.)

6. Best sun protection

It’s important to remember that your hormones will affect that way your skin reacts to the sun, and sometimes sunscreen alone just won’t cut it. For those of you who like to stay covered in the sun, this top is for you. Pair it with a pair of bottoms you already own, or a pair of maternity boy short-style bottoms like these, and you’re good to go.

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Jane Putnam

Jane is a mom to two adorable little ones. She's a California native who traded her flip-flops for snow boots, now residing in Utah.