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How to Start Your 14-Day Trial of Connected Care


Current users of the Owlet Smart Sock who have an iOS device.


Connected Care is a companion app to the Owlet Smart Sock that gives parents the ability to see historical heart rate and oxygen levels, red notification reports and sleep analytics. Receive a 14-day free trial when you download Connected Care from the app store.


We recommend starting your trial after you have registered or are currently using your Smart Sock monitor.


Download the app here:

  1. Download the Connected Care app.
  2. Login using your Smart Sock credentials. This is the same email and password you used to register your device.

*It is important to note that the historical information will take a while to load on the app, so it will not be immediately available.

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  1. Can more than one user use the connected care app? For instance, myself and my husband on two separate iPhone devices? Or is it restricted to the person who registered only?

  2. It stopped working three days after installation. It simply won’t allow me to login. I’ve tried reinstalling as well as running updates with no luck. It was fantastic while it worked but it’s disappointing to have it fail so soon.

    1. Oh no! Try the following- log out of the Owlet app and Connected Care. Wait about 10 minutes before first logging back into the Owlet app then Connected Care again. If this doesn’t help, please give our team a call at (844) 334-5330 Monday-Saturday 7am-9pm MT and they’ll look into this for you.

  3. I ought mine June 23. Why don’t I qualify for he longer free trial?

    And I agree with prior users. YOUguys should be ashamed of the amount of greed you’re demonstrating.

  4. I think Connected Care is Awesome!

    How cool that a company would listen to their customers and add a new feature to an already priceless product!

    My babies life and my sleep are both invaluable to me!

    Thanks for adding this new way to look at historical data from the device!

    And, thanks for offering a free trial to let us assess whether Connected Care is worth the $8 per month price tag!

  5. Hi!! Very excited for the launch of Connected Care- I am sure you have answered this question somewhere but I am not finding it. When will the Android version of Connected Care be available? Thank you!!

    1. Hi Jenny, if you’re still experiencing this issue, please give our team a call at (844) 334-5330 Monday-Saturday 7am-9pm MT and they’ll look into this for you.

  6. I agree. Why are we paying extra after paying $300 for the product. All other devices similar to this have this information for free.

    How much will it be after trials expire?

  7. Before connected care became available, where on your website did it state that there would be an additional cost for connected care? I purchased this sock a week ago specifically for the connected care feature and now I’m stuck with the sock(non refundable) and need to pay more money to use the main feature that sold me on the product.

    1. Hey Jen! We did offer customers who purchased through our website between March 29 and June 1, 2017, a free one-year subscription to Connected Care. We will be providing redemption codes to those who received that promotion by the first week of October. In the meantime, all users all eligible for the two-week trial, so you can get started using Connected Care today!

  8. Never mind, just got the email. So to get this straight. We pay $300 for a product where we need to pay monthly just to see any historical data from that product?

    You know that Nest lets you see historical data of the Nest Protect and Thermostat for free right? Fitbit lets you see all historical data (heart rate, steps, sleep patterns, workout history, food intake, etc) for completely free.

    I don’t understand why I need to pay to see a simple history of my data.

    1. Hi Joseph! Connected Care is an offering in addition to the Smart Sock product. With your Smart Sock app, which is free, you have live readings, as well as notification history for the past three days. Connected Care comes as a response to parents who have requested to see additional insights and trends, beyond what is displayed in the free app. Just like your iPhone where some apps and services you can access through the phone are available for an additional cost, this is an additional service available for Owlet users. Please note, every user can try it out for two weeks free.

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