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The 10 Best & Safest Baby Stroller Brands

September 1, 2021

Shopping for baby gear sounds exciting in theory, but once you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of endless stroller reviews, the reality can be a little less thrilling. After days of scrolling online, you may still be left wondering whether to go for a travel system or stand-alone stroller, and whether the stroller that turns on a dime is really worth the splurge.

But stress no more, because we've taken all the work out of stroller shopping for you. No matter if you’re going for bling and style or simple and functional, you’ll find the best baby stroller for your family after you’ve read our guide to choosing a safest baby reliable stroller for your new babe.

Types of Baby Strollers

Before you know what kind of stroller is best for you and your family, you’ll need to compare your options. Here’s the lineup. Today’s strollers come in five basic types, including:

  • Full-sized strollers. Includes all the bells and whistles to take your baby from infancy to toddlerhood, but can be bulky and hard to store.
  • Umbrella strollers. A lightweight stroller that’s the most affordable and portable type on the market, but doesn’t work for infants and can be harder to steer.
  • Jogging strollers. Great for parents who want to go running with kids or value a stroller that can turn on a dime and absorb shock. These strollers are heavy and can be hard to fit in a car.
  • Double strollers. An excellent long-term option to fit more than one child, but can be hard to maneuver in tight spaces and difficult to store.
  • Travel systems. A convenient and affordable way to get an infant car seat and compatible stroller all in one, without the need for a car seat adapter. However, you’ll still need to buy a new car seat when your infant gets bigger.

Each type of stroller has its own merits, and many moms and dads end up collecting one of every kind along the road of parenthood. But if you’re a new parent on the block, there’s no need to worry about getting every type right away. One stroller will certainly suffice, with one or two possible alternative strollers, if you so choose.

Top 10 Best Baby Strollers

Hopefully, you’ve been able to identify the type of stroller that suits your needs best. Once you’ve done so, you can hit the aisles to start test driving — or simply reading reviews and adding it to your virtual cart! Here’s a list of the safest baby strollers and best baby stroller brands on the market today:

  1. UPPAbaby Vista Stroller. Though you’ll pay a pretty penny for this stroller, thousands of parents agree that it’s worth every penny. Even celebrity parents give their stamp of approval on this chic stroller, with it often being captured in the tabloids and earning true street cred.
  2. BOB Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller. The BOB is quite the beast of a stroller, but it also has the best handling and shock absorption of any stroller out there. You’ll be amazed at how you can practically push this stroller with one pinky finger.
  3. Britax B-Agile Lightweight Stroller. This stroller is popular for its simplicity and convenience since it can be opened and closed with just one hand. The stroller also comes in a handy travel system with an accompanying infant stroller.
  4. Bugaboo Buffalo Complete Stroller. This full-size stroller comes from a beautiful, high-end brand that any blogger mom would consider a must-have. The features are endless and the color options are enough to have us saving our extra cash right now!
  5. Maclaren Mark II Stroller. While other umbrella strollers can be flimsy, the Maclaren lives up to its luxury-sounding name and delivers ease of handling and ultimate travel capabilities.
  6. JOOVY New Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller. This umbrella stroller has tall handlebars, which is a problem with some other lightweight strollers. It also handles well and comes at a reasonable price point.
  7. Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller. If you’re looking for a double stroller, the City Select is the unanimous top choice among parents. This stroller is as sleek and easy to handle as double strollers come, and well worth the price.
  8. Bugaboo Donkey2 Complete Mono Stroller. As one of the safest baby strollers on the market, this top luxury ride will make getting out the door with multiples a snap. Arrange the stroller with a bassinet, car seat, or side by side seating for two.
  9. Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller. Graco is known as consistently being one of the safest stroller brands and offers reliable, affordable products across the board. This setup is a convenient choice for many parents who want a long-term option.
  10. Britax B Agile and B Safe 35 Elite Travel System. Get the most bang for your buck with this lightweight travel system. The car seat easily connects to the stroller and will get used for years to come.

Enjoy Your Baby Stroller For Years to Come

Now that you’re familiar with the types of strollers and top models, you’re well equipped to choose the best baby stroller for you and your new baby. Soon you’ll be using your stroller to lull your baby to sleep, get some exercise, or to more easily get out on the town with your family.

Happy baby stroller shopping!

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