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The Smart Camera Every Parent Needs For Their Baby

September 17, 2021

Moving Baby into their own room is a bittersweet milestone. While you’ll miss hearing their little coos in the bassinet or crib in your room, you’re eager for them to have their own sleeping space to help them learn healthy sleep habits. To stay connected, you need a smart baby monitor with a camera that’s accessible on your phone to check on Baby with ease. Step into the future and get the Owlet Cam, an HD baby monitor with a super convenient app you can use from anywhere!

See your baby

Equipped with 1080p HD video, night-vision, 4X zoom, and a 130° wide-angle view, the Cam is our smart baby monitor that helps you see it all! Gone are the days of lugging around a pixelated video monitor. Stream live video in the free Owlet App over an encrypted wi-fi connection to keep an eye on Baby from anywhere. Move freely knowing your baby is just a glance away on your phone.

Know your baby’s information is safe

The Cam is a smart baby monitor that prioritizes security. Using an AES 128-bit encryption and a TLS connection to wi-fi, this smart camera flexes a modern edge over traditional baby monitors that use open networks. Only you and the people you trust most will have access to video and audio of Baby in your Owlet App.

Hear your baby

Using a secure two-way talk feature, the Cam allows you to hear your baby’s cries and speak to them (or your partner while they’re on bedtime duty!) from anywhere. Never want to miss a moment? Turn on sound & motion notifications that’ll send a pop-up to your phone when noise and movement are detected. You can even turn on background audio so you can listen for Baby as you do other tasks on your phone.

As you maneuver the busyness of parenthood, it’s helpful to have a baby camera with an app like the Owlet Cam. Our smart camera is there to lessen the stress of moving Baby into their own room. See and hear it all from anywhere and get that peace of mind all parents deserve with the Owlet Cam.

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