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Valentine's Day Activities for You and Your Baby

February 14, 2016

Now that you have a little one running around, Valentine's Day might look a little different than it has in the past. Going out to dinner and enjoying a romantic evening requires a little bit more preparation now, with babysitters and bedtime routines to think of. Although involving them in the romantic aspect of Valentine's Day might not be appropriate, there are still many ways you can involve your little one in the Valentine's Day celebrations. Here are some ideas:

Make a craft. You could memorialize those cute little hands and feet by making a craft that involves stamping or tracing their hands or feet onto paper and making them into some type of shape related to Valentine's Day.

Here are some awesome ideas from the Crafty Morning blog.

If they're little bit older, you can cut out the shape of a heart or have a premade design and let them color all over it for a keep sake of their creativity at this age.

Bake a treat. If they're old enough, let them help you make a special treat like sugar cookies in the shapes of hearts. For babies, you could choose pink or red baby food for them (like strawberry applesauce). Take your baby with you to deliver the treats for a special act of service to show your love for a neighbor or friend.


Dress them to the nines. If you can, order a special Valentine's Day outfit in advance, like a red bowtie or a cute heart-adorned shirt or leggings for your little girl. Or if you already have some cute clothes in Valentine’s Day colors, dress em’ up! Don’t forget to dress yourself up and take a picture, of course.

Stage your own photo shoot. You can dress your little sweetheart up like Cupid (or in any other Valentine's Day-related attire), give them kiss marks with bright lipstick, and take some adorable pictures that you'll cherish for years to come.


Write a love letter. Although your baby may be little, your heart is still so full of love for them in their short time on earth. Use this day to express your love to your little one by writing them a love letter that they can look back on when they're older. This would be a fun annual tradition and would make a very meaningful keepsake for them throughout their life.


Create a valentine for your partner with your baby. This can be part of the craft in the first suggestion, or it can be their own expression of love for their mommy or daddy. Of course, you may have to do most of the writing or creating, but including a picture of them, their own scribbles, or a memory of your baby and your partner will be very special.

kids valentine

Turn ordinary activities into love themed activities. Use a pink or red bottle, make heart-shaped pancakes, cut a sandwich in the shape of a heart, and do things that show that you love them like play with their favorite toy, read their favorite books, snuggle with their favorite blanket, and sing their favorite song.


Remember that Valentine's Day is about showing and expressing love to those in our lives who we hold dear to our hearts, so while your day doesn't need to be extravagant or filled with a lot of activities, simply finding ways to express your affection to your baby will make this Valentine's Day special and memorable for the both of you.

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