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Ways to Include Your Mother-In-Law in Your Pregnancy Journey

August 8, 2016

Wow! You’re pregnant. It is such an amazing, miraculous and happy time for you and your significant other. Did you also know it is all of that and maybe more for your parents-in- law, specifically your mother-in- law? How can you share this special time with her before it passes by? This article will give you ideas on how to include her during your pregnancy.

From the Beginning

It is important to set the tone at the beginning of your pregnancy, so your mother-in- law knows that you are welcoming her support from the get-go. One way to do this is to make the pregnancy announcement a special one. Here are some fun, easy, but very memorable ideas to give to your mother-in- law to announce your pregnancy:

  • Take your in-laws to dinner or dessert and surprise them with a gift announcing your due date.
  • Invite your mother-in- law to one of your doctor’s appointments where she’ll be able to hear the heartbeat.
  • Give your mother-in- law a baby blanket that she’ll be able to cuddle the baby with when the baby is born.

The main reason for these activities is to invite her to be a part of your pregnancy from the beginning.

Her Journey

To really invite her into your pregnancy journey, ask your mother-in- law about her own pregnancy(s) journey. Did she have morning sickness? Did she ever get nervous going to the doctor? Did she deliver early or go past her due-dates?

Ask to see pictures of your spouse as a baby- don’t you want to know what your spouse was like as a baby? Hopefully he slept through the night, right?!

Asking her questions about her pregnancy experiences and about her newborns will definitely make her feel good that you want to learn more from her.

Invite Her

Why not make a girl’s day together and go shopping for the baby? After all, we all know that it seems like there is so many things that the baby needs. This again will help her feel included in your journey, and you will have a sounding board for which onesies and socks to buy for baby.

Also invite her to any baby showers you are thrown. She’d love to come along with you to see what gifts you are receiving and to meet your close friends.


While it may be too much for many daughters-in- law to actually have their mother-in- law in the delivery room when baby makes an entrance, you’ll want to make your plan clear for when the baby makes their debut. Tell her you’ll notify her when you are going into labor and when she’ll be able to come to the hospital to meet her new grandbaby.


Of course, one of the most special tributes you could give to your mother-in- law is naming your baby after her or after someone in her family. While pregnant ask her about her family names: what were her grandparents, siblings or cousin’s names? What is her maiden and middle name?

You don’t necessarily need to use these names, but it will make her feel good that you are curious about her family names to get inspired for your name decision. And who knows? Maybe you really will love her great, great uncle’s cousin’s name.

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Lacey Pappas

Mother of 2 silly boys and a new baby girl. Happily married. Love to laugh, inspire others, take pretty photos, and curl up with a good book.