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What My 3 Month Old Uses The Most

June 25, 2015

Now that my baby is three months old, I've noticed a shift in necessities of baby products and baby must- haves. I thought I'd share what my favorite baby products are for her right now.

1. Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets

Swaddle Blankets for Baby

With this hot summer, these blankets have been great. You can use them to shade baby, lay baby down on, and swaddle in. Plus- a new found idea- tie two corners in a knot to tie around your neck for a nursing cover!

2. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil for baby’s dry skin

My baby's skin has patches of dry skin. I have found that Coconut Oil works the best to soothe them.

3. Covered Goods Nursing Cover

Nursing cover and car seat cover in one

This product is awesome. Not only does it provide full coverage when nursing, but you can also use it as a car seat cover on those particular sunny or windy days.

4. Baby Bling Head Band

I love this for my baby girl! It is made of nylon, so it is extra soft for her head. And it being gray makes it go with everything.

5. Car Seat Toy

Baby toy bar for the car seat

Now that my baby is noticing more and not loving her car seat as much, this toy has been helpful on drives.

6. Play Mat

Baby toy playmat

Speaking of toys, I have loved this play mat. It makes fun sounds, plays songs, and has toys that she can try and grab.

7. Puj Tub

Puj - for baby baths in the sink

I have used this from as early as I could, and I am still able to use it. It is awesome for baths in the sink!

8. Snap-N-Go Stroller

Snap and Go Stroller for baby car seats

Since my baby still will nap while we're on the go, I have loved this stroller. I can just attach my car seat to it and not disturb the baby.

9.Carter's Onesies

Bodysuit onesies by Carter

I was gifted with this cute set of bodysuits and have loved them! They're darling on and practical for this warm summer.

10. Toothbrush

Yes, a toothbrush! My baby has cradle cap (brownish looking scales on the top of her head), and the best way to remedy it is to put baby soap on her head, and then scrub it gently with a toothbrush. It is something I learned at the hospital with her and has been a great tool!

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Lacey Pappas

Mother of 2 silly boys and a new baby girl. Happily married. Love to laugh, inspire others, take pretty photos, and curl up with a good book.