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What Your Diaper Bag Says About You

June 7, 2016

There are thousands of different styles of diaper bags out there. Parents carry around a diaper bag everywhere they go for a long time, so they tend to pick something that reflects their personality in some way. Look and see what your diaper bag says about you.

The Pinterest Guru

Lots of cute pockets and chevron galore—if you have this diaper bag, you are probably obsessed with Pinterest. Your house is a mixture of Pinterest projects and items from Etsy. Your child’s nursery is decked out with a variety of cute DIY decorations, and your children will always have the most creative Halloween costumes.

chevron diaper bag

The Utilitarian

This parent is superhuman and doesn’t miss a beat. This bag is supplied with all of the necessities for the day so that the family can stay on the go all day long. The baby is probably not the first child, so this diaper bag will be dragged to soccer games and dance recitals.

utilitarian diaper bag

The Happy Camper

This family is always outdoors. They have been looking forward to documenting baby’s first camping trip. This bag can be comfortably worn as the family hikes and camps. There may even be a reenactment of the Circle of Life scene in the movie The Lion King while standing on a rock somewhere.

camping diaper bag

The Professional

This diaper bag can be taken to the office or to a meeting and nobody would know that it is full of diapers and toys. This mom always looks chic and put together as she struts down city streets with her baby in tow.

professional diaper bag

The Kid at Heart

This parent has been waiting for a child to come along as another playmate and friend. With an imagination as wild as their child’s, this parent will take their child on many adventures. Many a towel will be used as capes and the stories will become crazier every time they are told.

batman diaper bag

Every mom and dad have their own style, but the important thing is that we all love our kids. Whatever adventures you go on, the greatest adventure is being a parent.

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